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Photographing unique moments in time

Photographs provide a snapshot of a particular moment that is forever frozen in time. Mechanically representing images from reality, photography is a powerful medium through which to ponder the enigmas of the universe.

Our time-lapse edit shared by the BFI on Twitter

Live streaming – media, audiences and site monitoring

Site monitoring from remote time-lapse cameras pre-dates any of the public live streaming services that now dominate the social media universe. Why has the popularity of live, digital media soared in recent years and is time-lapse site monitoring still relevant?

The oldest photograph of a human being, from 1832

Photography firsts

Today we tend to take photography a little for granted. Back in the 1800s, pioneers of this medium were often inventing and innovating processes to better capture every instance of everyday life. We take a look at how photography has developed (excused the pun) throughout the decades.