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Cranes working on a construction project in central London

Classic subjects of time-lapse photography

Taking a look at some of the more conventional uses of time-lapse, from long-term construction photography through to city living and even food decaying.

A field of rapeseeds under fluffy clouds and blue skies.

Capturing in full bloom – some tips for spring photography

Spring has sprung so what better time is there to get outdoors with your camera? Capture landscapes and coastlines as they burst into colour, capture misty woodlands, and the flora and fauna of this amazing season with our top tips for springtime photography.

Autumnal-coloured tree in a yellow field

Capturing the ‘golden’ shot in autumn

We take a step away from our usual time-lapse blogs and look at the changing seasons. With autumn approaching, take a look at some of the key factors to consider when composing and taking photographs this season.