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Lego minifigures photographed beside a Nikon DSLR camera.

5 of our LEGO time-lapse projects

LEGO is an iconic brand which continues to capture the imaginations of old and new generations alike. We reflect on 5 of our projects from a decade’s worth of time-lapse featuring this much-loved toy.

Main character central to Wicker Man roller coaster at Alton Towers

50,000 time-lapse images reveal Wicker Man coming to life

A month on from Wicker Man’s grand opening at Alton Towers this weekend – the first UK roller coaster of its kind in over 20 years – we report on our long-term & rapid interval time-lapse video from its construction.

Scale-model LEGO build by LEGOLAND Windsor, of the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas

LEGO at 60: our time-lapse projects

These are just some of the famous landmarks we have captured using time-lapse – but not in their usual guise. As the toy manufacturer celebrates another milestone, we look at projects we have worked on that heavily involve the iconic Lego brick.

Master builder construction a Lego scale-model Fenway Park

Time-Lapse Trends: LEGO-builds

In this instalment of “Time-Lapse Trends” we cover the fun and adaptable toy that is Lego – something that our own camera systems have captured on many occasions.

Legoland Osaka Discovery Center promotional image

World’s most powerful brand utilises our time-lapse

THE Abeno Harukas – Japan’s tallest skyscraper – has been immortalised in Lego bricks.

Nine months in the making, our time-lapse camera system captured the model’s full build from June 2014 to September 2014.

The Minifigure-scale tower is now in transit from Legoland’s model building workshop in Windsor to a brand new Discovery Centre in Osaka.

Promotional image from Legoland

Our Time-Lapse for Legoland Boston Hits the USA

Our time-lapse of the Lego model construction of Boston’s Fenway Park Stadium has been seen across the USA. In just a few days, the video sequence has been featured by USA Today, has been used by numerous TV stations including WBTV and Fox, and has currently received well over 100,000 YouTube hits in the short time since its launch…

Internal time-lapse at Legoland Star Wars Miniland

Our HD Time-Lapse project for Legoland

We have just completed our 6th HD Time Lapse and Site Monitoring project for Legoland.

This time, we were at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester to capture
the building of a new Star Wars Miniland attraction. The build and
installation took place over several weeks, and the attraction is now open to the public.

Legoland will be using the time-lapse film to showcase the skill of their builders and model-makers in assembling the attraction. The display is made up of over 250,000 bricks and 2,000 minifigs, and took 2,000 man-hours to create!…

Lego Tokyo Skytree model build

Our Latest Time-Lapse Job for Legoland

During October, November and December of 2011 we had a time-lapse camera system capturing the construction of a remarkable Lego model of the Tokyo Sky Tree. The model was pieced together by the model builders at the main model building studio at Legoland in Windsor…

Building Lego Dallas Cowboys Stadium nearing completion

Time-Lapse for Legoland in Dallas

Our latest time-lapse project for Legoland was to cover the construction of an amazing model of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, constructed entirely from Lego. Our time lapse camera system was installed to cover every stage of the building of the model, and at the project’s completion we produced a time-lapse sequence of the entire process from start to end…

Working on the Midland Hotel scale-model Lego build

Time-lapsing for Legoland

We begin a time-lapse project for the new Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester. We will time-lapse the building of two models at Legoland’s main workshops in Windsor. The two model constructions to be time-lapsed are a model of the Blackpool Tower and a model of the Midland’s Hotel.