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Huw Edwards introducing the Mary Rose project on the BBC News at Ten

Using Time-Lapse: broadcast television

What we produce is viable to many visual genres. This instalment of “Using Time-Lapse” focuses on some of the ways our work has been used in line with televised broadcasts by several high-end companies.

Construction scene in Manchester's New Bailey during blue hour

Night-time time-lapse

We dig deep in our time-lapse archives to bring you a selection of stunning images taken by our own camera systems during times of low-level light.

Our time-lapse footage of the Mary Rose on the BBC News at Ten

‘Broadcast-ready’ time-lapse

“‘Broadcast-ready’ time-lapse refers to a combination of quality and adaptability that can appeal to television audiences that not only matches, but enhances their viewing experience.” We unpack this using some of our own examples.

Image of three plants in the process of germination.

Time-Lapse Trends: growth

“Time-Lapse Trends” looks at beards, babies, plants, and human life in this week’s instalment, featuring examples of how time-lapse has been utilised to document processes of growth.

London cityscape

Time-lapse in the city – adaptable to any situation

A high percentage of construction work takes place in the city, which means that time-lapse often finds its home in such busy environments. We consider several city-based projects, illustrating how major contractors utilise this medium.

BFI Embankment Garden Cinema internal shot

Quick turnaround time-lapse – when time is tight

For projects which come with a quick turnaround period, such as prestigious events and short-term work, time-lapse can be used effectively to add value within the associated time constraints.