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Cloudy skies can make great time-lapses

Spring has sprung in these time-lapses

We’re now midway through spring.

As it feels like we’re still battling through the end of winter, here are some time-lapses that celebrate what this season is supposedly all about.

Aerial view across Riverlight at Nine Elms

Capturing the extraordinary with drones

Drones are still in the news some six months after they exploded onto the scene.

But forget aerial photography – there are some new ways to use them.

Night shot looking across 190 Strand to the London Eye

Adding value to your brand

Expanding your portfolio of clients or customers can be easy with a little help from clients.

A range of different companies already are, so there are plenty of examples of use available.

Icon graphic showing a camera, pie chart and play button

Time-Lapse Systems: just some of the numbers

Enlisting our time-lapse expertise is a simple process, that can reap huge benefits for your business.

Whether you want site monitoring, time-lapse videos or something else, we can help.

old school webcam

Moving away from the ‘webcam concept’

Price should not dictate who you employ to set-up a time-lapse camera for your build.

Webcams are cheap, but they certainly do not get results.

Crane working over the Riverlight development at Nine Elms

Save money on your major project by bringing in the experts

Construction of a plain office building can now run into the millions, which means a tightening budget for a number of top firms.

Guaranteeing efficiency for as low cost as possible is one thing, but there are now products that can turn a low cost expenditure into a long-term investment – that reaps rewards.