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Videos that went wrong – part one: animals

This two-part blog features videos from across the Internet that show how doing it yourself can sometimes end up with less than ideal results. Part one focuses on animals – and perhaps why you should not leave your equipment unattended in the wilderness!

Sun rises over a snowy lake behind trees

Some more festive time-lapses

With Christmas still (just about) on the mind, we bring you one last lot of Christmas-themed time-lapses for 2016. Featuring a huge model village and a trip around Edinburgh.

Looking up to the top of a tree

Telling stories from the natural world

Exploring the natural world through photography as we take a look at Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016. How can you use photography to capture and evoke the emotion of the environment and its inhabitants around us.

A player serves on the Champions Tour at the Royal Albert Hall

Breaking away from conventional time-lapse videos

Lots of time-lapse sequences uploaded to Vimeo – one of the most popular moving photography sharing websites – are based around a beautiful landscape.

What gets lost amongst the many thousands of them is the different, more inventive clips.