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Time-lapse capture of road improvement works in challenging outdoor conditions.

Outdoor time-lapse capture – a toolkit

Time-lapsing outdoors does present challenging work conditions for professional providers but part of the job is ensuring consistent, quality capture throughout. We consider what is needed.

A smartphone pictured capturing a natural scene.

A better relationship for photography & the natural world?

We consider some of the ethical questions facing present and future generations eager for Instagram-worthy experiences, and the important work being done with smartphone technology to reduce harm to the natural world.

Iconic internal picture of the Royal Albert Hall

Being prepared for both internal and external projects

There are certain pieces of time-lapse equipment that are essential for all environments but internal and external projects can differ in terms of what is required. We consider these similarities and differences and explore how a professional service is fit for both.

Blanket snow at Manchester Airport

Weather worries: continuous time-lapse capture in all elements

Hoping for a white Christmas? We are proud to offer a true 24/7, 365 year-round service, with equipment and hardware that we have developed over many years and continue to innovate. So if the snow does fall in the next few months, or we continue to see freezing temperatures, we have you covered.

The moon in the sky

The supermoon – capturing lunar magic on camera

Quite an event on Monday, as the popularly named ‘supermoon’ came into full view across the world. With such a special phenomenon occurring so rarely, we look at how the photography world has capture past lunar spectacles.

Early morning snow at Air Products in the North of England

Capturing extreme weather on camera

On the back of a typical Bank Holiday of mixed weather, we take a look at short-term time-lapse videos that capture extreme weather conditions from an array of locations across the globe.

Cloudy skies can make great time-lapses

Operating a time-lapse camera system outdoors

What will the British weather throw at us as we approach the autumn and winter months?

Professional media production companies can put systems in place that operate no matter the conditions outside.