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Long exposure night shot of Washington DC cityscape.

Time-Lapse Through the Decades – Part II

Part II of this blog series continues to document time-lapse and its uses, beginning with the 1950s, taking us ‘Through the Decades’ to the present day.

Stills of Eadweard Muybridge's 'Horse in Motion'

Time-Lapse Through the Decades – Part I

In Part I of this two-part blog, we map out the history of time-lapse from the 1870s to the 1930s, featuring key interventions from the likes of Eadweard Muybridge, Georges Méliès, Dr. John Ott, and more.

A gold antique miniature statue of a man taking a photograph with a vintage camera

Evolution of photography – pioneers of the medium

Barely two centuries old, the rapid evolution of photography is a result of the creative endeavours of certain pioneering individuals. An artist, scientist, and the father of Victorian photography, we trace the defining contributions of three important figures in this field.

Seagull flies past our off-grid camera system at St Andrews Links, Scotland

Photography: the rise of candid capture

Taking a look at forms of photography and their uses other than time-lapse, including candid capture. Where can real-time capture be used? And why does it not replace time-lapse photography?

woman taking photo with smartphone

How the ‘average Joe’ fell in love with photography

The mobile phone in your pocket probably has a built-in camera, allowing you to take pictures whenever you want.

Portable photography was born well after the first cameras were invented, but it still has the staying power today.

horse in motion time-lapse

The History of Time-Lapse Photography

There’s no denying that time-lapse photography is becoming an increasingly popular art from, utilised by everyone from nature documentary filmmakers to companies looking for a new advertising technique that best shows off their work. Thanks to a plethora of new apps, it’s even possible for amateurs to have a go at creating their own very […]