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The oldest photograph of a human being, from 1832

Photography firsts

Today we tend to take photography a little for granted. Back in the 1800s, pioneers of this medium were often inventing and innovating processes to better capture every instance of everyday life. We take a look at how photography has developed (excused the pun) throughout the decades.

The moon in the sky

The supermoon – capturing lunar magic on camera

Quite an event on Monday, as the popularly named ‘supermoon’ came into full view across the world. With such a special phenomenon occurring so rarely, we look at how the photography world has capture past lunar spectacles.

Stitched American flag

The changes in US presidential photography

A timely blog on the use of photography and visual imagery by US presidents past & present (and respective presidential candidates) in both election campaigns and whilst in office.

Looking up to the top of a tree

Telling stories from the natural world

Exploring the natural world through photography as we take a look at Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016. How can you use photography to capture and evoke the emotion of the environment and its inhabitants around us.

Sunrise over a lake

Focusing on the autumn changes

Take a look at some autumn-themed time-lapse videos that we have picked out from across the Internet, each with a different, unique perspective on the changing season.

Seagull flies past our off-grid camera system at St Andrews Links, Scotland

Photography: the rise of candid capture

Taking a look at forms of photography and their uses other than time-lapse, including candid capture. Where can real-time capture be used? And why does it not replace time-lapse photography?