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Early morning snow at Air Products in the North of England


August 19 is World Photo Day. Almost everyone on social media is using #WorldPhotographyDay to share images around the globe.

We look at some of the interesting shots that have been used and also some of our own from the archive.

News paper screenshots from Black Dam Roundabout

Creating a time-lapse video… and why?

Time-lapse videos are a dime-a-dozen. But quality ones are much rarer to find and produce.

That being said, a well-made edit can create leads that no other form of media is able to do.

Cloudy skies can make great time-lapses

Cameras: a look into the future

Imagine being able to snap a picture of something over 1,000,000 miles away.

Sounds impossible, no? Well, not for NASA. And they are not the only ones doing amazing things with cameras.