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Black and white eye looking at time-lapse video

Time-lapse – revealing what the eye cannot see

“One of the most remarkable qualities of time-lapse photography is that it enables a view of things which our eyes cannot naturally see.” We explore this advantage of time-lapse.

Time-lapse image from the City of London focusing on construction of Can of Ham office building for Mace

Working in the UK and Europe: spotlight on our time-lapse UK projects

Our time-lapse work has taken us to major UK cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle, where we continue to work extensively. Having now worked with major brands and contractors such as Merlin Entertainments (Alton Towers, Legoland etc.), HS2, BAM, European Championships, Berkeley Group and Crossrail, we are the leading UK time-lapse provider.

Screenshot of Wicker Man ride time-lapse from Alton Towers Resort documentary Inside Alton Towers broadcast on Channel 4

Another of our time-lapses features on national television

Following the public release of our long-term, rapid interval time-lapse video of Wicker Man’s construction, our work also featured on Channel 4’s ‘Inside Alton Towers’ documentary, tracking the inside story of the roller coaster construction.

The iconic Corkscrew roller coaster before its demolition at Alton Towers.

Time-Lapse Trends: roller coasters

This week’s “Time-Lapse Trends” explores the subject of roller coasters in varying forms. We even feature some of our own work capturing some iconic rides at the Alton Towers Resort.

Promotional image for The Smiler

BBC show footage of our latest project for Merlin

The time-lapse of our latest project for Merlin Entertainments has recently been shown on the BBC.

We supplied Blue Peter with clips that featured several times as part of their show on 16th May.

Over the last 9 months one of our HD time-lapse camera systems has been at the Alton Towers Resort, where we have been capturing the construction of the theme park’s record breaking new attraction ‘The Smiler’…

Snowfall during the construction of Th13teen at Alton Towers

Time-lapse of rollercoaster ‘Th13teen’ complete!

We have finished the 12 month long time-lapse construction of the brand new rollercoaster, called ‘Th13teen’ at the Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire… Out time-lapse camera system had been placed in a highly exposed position, high on a specially designed post in the Staffordshire Moorlands. It faced extremes of temperatures and weather conditions throughout the 12 months of construction, but performed without major problems for the entire duration. We have now edited the complete movie sequence of the entire construction for our clients.

Secret Weapon 6 rollercoaster being constructed at Alton Towers

All going well with time-lapse of build of Rollercoaster

We are 6 months into our time-lapse of the building of Alton Towers’ and Merlin Entertainment’s newest rollercoaster…. The camera system has performed brilliantly and the HD images it is capturing are providing an amazing step by step record of the build, which our clients are able to view via their coded access to our servers.