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Main character central to Wicker Man roller coaster at Alton Towers

50,000 time-lapse images reveal Wicker Man coming to life

A month on from Wicker Man’s grand opening at Alton Towers this weekend – the first UK roller coaster of its kind in over 20 years – we report on our long-term & rapid interval time-lapse video from its construction.

Internal time-lapse at Legoland Star Wars Miniland

Using Time-Lapse: Merlin Entertainments

“Using Time-Lapse” is our latest blog series, looking at how the time-lapse videos we produce are being utilised by our clients. Our first feature looks at our longstanding relationship with Merlin Entertainments, and the wide variety of projects our time-lapse capabilities have been utilised on.

Sharkbait Reef Sealife Centre tank construction complete

Sealife timelapse complete

We finish off the time-lapse of Sharkbait Reef by Sealife…We have covered the construction both externally and internally and have now completed the editing of a stunning sequence…

Sharkbait Reef Sealife Centre at Alton Towers being constructed

We begin a project to timelapse a construction for Sealife

We start the time-lapse of a new attraction – Sharkbait Reef by Sealife. We begin by setting up our time-lapse camera systems to time-lapse externally…. and at a later stage will move the cameras inside in order to cover the filling of the Sealife tank.