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The inside story: capturing internal works

The inside story of a build – whether concerning a retail environment or a temporary space for a special event – is just as fascinating a time-lapse narrative as the external construction.

De-rigging a time-lapse camera system from the Mary Rose.

Internal projects come to life through time-lapse

Using both remote time-lapse capabilities and in situ capture, Time-Lapse Systems are one of the UK’s leading providers of internal time-lapse, for retail fit-out projects, office refits and more.

Internal time-lapse capture from Three in Middlesbrough

Creating internal time-lapse videos

Some of the world’s most spectacular scenery and events can be shown in a matter of minutes using high-definition time-lapse photography. Whether capturing the wonders of the world, stunning celestial sequences from the most idyllic locations or spectacular events more close to home, time-lapse offers a unique visual perspective by manipulating the natural progression of […]

Vision Express Oxford Street video internal shot

Time Lapse and Filming for Vision Express

We have just completed a project for Vision Express, to document the
re-building and fitting-out of their new state-of-the-art flagship store on Oxford

Vision Express commissioned us to produce a presentation piece centered on
the transformation of their new store, through to the opening day. We installed
a HD time-lapse camera system in the store for a number of weeks to capture
the early works, during which time the interior of the building was completely