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Time-Lapse Systems launches revolutionary iRis 3.0

The brand new site monitoring viewing platform from Time-Lapse Systems – iRis 3.0 – has arrived! The most comprehensive time-lapse and site monitoring experience is now here…

Our time-lapse edit shared by the BFI on Twitter

Live streaming – media, audiences and site monitoring

Site monitoring from remote time-lapse cameras pre-dates any of the public live streaming services that now dominate the social media universe. Why has the popularity of live, digital media soared in recent years and is time-lapse site monitoring still relevant?

News thumbnails showing Time-Lapse London, Alton Towers, LSQLONDON and Vicarage Road

Time-Lapse Systems: our 2016 round-up – part one

As 2016 comes to an end, we review just some of the many projects and work we have been involved in these past 12 months. In part one of this round-up, take a look at our new websites, new staff and most popular blogs.

Steel erection on the FCC Environment job in Lincoln

Benefits of remotely monitored time-lapse capture

How time-lapse can keep you in-the-loop when you are not on site and the multiple uses for its application. Find out everything you need to know about this versatile site monitoring solution.

Some logos of clients we have worked with

Time-lapse – a multi-genre solution

There are a whole host of possibilities that can be achieved through time-lapse photography, transcending various genres. From monitoring large construction sites to creating marketing materials for live events, watch examples of many different edits and videos from across many projects and industry sectors.

Close-up of a drone

Commercial drone use in the UK

With UAVs set to contribute over $45 million to the USA’s infrastructure sector, we take a look at the benefits of drones in both America and the UK, exploring the challenges faced when using them and the things to ask about when using a commercial company.

Historic Horse Guards Parade project

Capturing time-lapse across London

Construction, demolition, redevelopments, rebranding, events, sports… the list of potential projects is endless when it comes to time-lapse photography. With it’s diverse culture, lifestyles and economy, London then is the perfect focus for a blog on time-lapses that span a whole range of different subjects.

Screenshot of the new Time-Lapse Systems website

New-look website for Time-Lapse Systems launches

Our brand new website is now live, making it easier than ever to find out about our services, the projects we work on and why we’re one of the UK’s leading, specialist time-lapse providers.