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An example of tilt-shift time-lapse capture in London, with the sun setting behind high-rise buildings

What is time-lapse photography?

Arguably only in its infancy, we return right to the very beginning of time-lapse photography, considering what it is, where it came from and how it has become such a popular and effective method of capture in such a short time since its inception.

Master builder construction a Lego scale-model Fenway Park

Time-Lapse Trends: LEGO-builds

In this instalment of “Time-Lapse Trends” we cover the fun and adaptable toy that is Lego – something that our own camera systems have captured on many occasions.

Shot looking up at skyscrapers created using sandbox video game, Minecraft.

Arts & crafts – skill and self expression rendered through time-lapse

“Arts and crafts takes many forms in contemporary life; from more traditional activities such as drawing and painting, to pastimes that are cemented in certain cultures, to more modern adaptations in video game formats.” This video blog explores how time-lapse can emphasise the skill and precision of such activities.