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An idyllic castle emerging from the screen of an iPhone - depicting a virtual reality.

Augmented reality – what are the benefits?

From VR to AR, innovative technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. These come with particular benefits for many sectors, especially the construction industry.

Beauty shot of the countryside from a drone

Regulations and retail – drones are hanging around

An updated look at drones following holiday sales that saw them become one of the ‘must-have’ Christmas gifts in 2016. How can they be used commercially, as well as flown for a hobby?

Drone shot overlooking Battersea Power Station and 101 Prince of Wales Drive

The increasing popularity and use of drones in photography

The landmark ruling by the NFL to allow the use of drones inside the league’s stadium is now over nine-months old.

The FAA have also confirmed they believe UAV use will continue to increase at a rapid rate across the next five years.

Steel erection at South Essex College

Where are drones really going?

Drones are back on everyone’s lips once again.

And despite the constant legal battles they face, companies are still ploughing billions into the evolving technology.

Drone with camera in flight

The good, the bad and the retro

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 is coming to an end today.

But what new inventions are set to make this year ground-breaking for photography?