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Rows of sunglasses inside the new Vision Express flagship store on Oxford Street

Benefits of time-lapse for retail developments and companies

The commercial applications of time-lapse stretch from capturing construction and demolition projects right through to marketing goods or events. The retail industry often has interests in all of these, plus many potential subjects or avenues in between. Take a look at some of the ways time-lapse is utilised across the sector.

Time-lapse camera system in situ at Tesco

Time-Lapse at Tesco

We have just completed the Time-Lapse capture of a car park at a Tesco store to enable Tesco and their consultants Transport Planning Associates to monitor traffic flow and the way the car park is used.

Finished Tesco car park build

We derig a camera system at Tesco in Bromley

The construction of carpark we have been time-lapsing for Condek at a Tesco store in Bromley, Greater London is now complete and we are de-rigging the camera system… The job has progressed without a hitch and we now look forward to following instructions from our client, Condek, for the compilation of the edit.

Tesco car park build

We install a camera system at Tesco store in Bromley

We install a time-lapse camera system to document the construction of a new modular car parking system, built by Condek for Tesco…. The camera is mounted on a wall of an adjacent building in order to get a view across the length of the build.