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Completed Sir Elton John Stand at Watford FC's Vicarage Road

Time-lapsing sporting events

Summer 2016 is certainly filled with some major sporting events, including Euro 2016, The Open golf and of course the 2016 Olympic Games.

Time-lapse – although traditionally used for long-term capture – can also play a part in such high-speed environments.

The Smiler rollercoaster being constructed at Alton Towers

Our work: entertainment

The “our work” series takes a closer look at some of the clients and projects we work with and on.

Entertainment and leisure industries are the focus of our penultimate blog.

Cranes over a energy construction site

‘Eyes on the prize’… all the time

Have you discovered ‘remote site monitoring’ yet?

Keeping an ‘eye on the prize’ no matter where you are couldn’t be simpler by enlisting the services of a professional time-lapse company.