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Angel Gardens, Manchester.

Concrete in the Construction Industry through Time-Lapse

Concrete has always been an invaluable, cost-effective material for the construction industry as it combines durability, strength and flexibility. Time-lapse videos showcase the benefits of using concrete in the construction process.

Internal time-lapse at Legoland Star Wars Miniland

Achieving the highest possible quality

The “do it yourself” attitude might be mis-placed when it comes to time-lapse.

We explore the potential challenges of attempting to create a fully-functioning camera system on your own.


We have joined YouTube

Time-lapse fans – come and join us on YouTube. Time-Lapse Systems are now uploading to one of the world’s biggest social networks – and you can also interact with us on Facebook. Previously you could only view our public videos through Vimeo or on our website, but we have already backdated a number of edits for […]

Icon graphic showing a camera, pie chart and play button

Time-Lapse Systems: just some of the numbers

Enlisting our time-lapse expertise is a simple process, that can reap huge benefits for your business.

Whether you want site monitoring, time-lapse videos or something else, we can help.

Stinger roller coaster

Showcasing a Theme Park with Time-Lapse Video

It’s not uncommon for companies and corporations to utilise time-lapse videos for their professional work, as a document or promotional tool. Its versatility means it’s suitable for any number of purposes, whether that’s to film an important event or technical process, either for marketing or as a professional record and document. This is especially applicable […]

Elevated view of the Farnworth Tunnel boring works near Bolton

A One-Stop Guide to Time-Lapse Videos

Time-lapse videos are an absolutely incredible way to capture a project that happens over the course of weeks or months. These videos illustrate the sheer magnitude of projects, highlight change and make it possible to review the scope of a project in just a few minutes. This kind of videography is widely used in all […]