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Water lily

Biophilia and blooms in time-lapse

Biophilia and blooms in time-lapse capture the beauty of unfurling flowers and blossoming plants and lets us engage with nature.

People onboard the Smiler for one of the first rides at Alton Towers

Time-lapse at Alton Towers

An overview of all of our projects with Alton Towers Resort and Merlin Entertainments, a company who we have been connected to for many years and have an established relationship with. This includes the production of several time-lapse construction videos, filming of event footage and general photography around the resort.

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Becoming part of the art

Popular for such a long time, people are still finding new uses and benefits of time-lapse. Take a look at these videos from artists that are cleverly including time-lapse into their work.

Time-Lapse people

Who Watches Time-Lapse Videos (And Why)?

Whether you’re a construction company working on a massive project or your business revolves around the natural world, it’s easy to see why you would want to capture your work on a time-lapse video. These videos serve as a learning tool that continually helps you to do your job better; that is a bonus no […]

New York Skyline Time-Lapse

Document the Creation of a City with Time-Lapse Video

If you need to ask the question of what a civil engineer does, simply look around the area in which you live and you’ll have the answer. Civil engineers are responsible for the creation of communities, villages, towns and cities. It’s civil engineers who build roads, tunnels and structures like railway stations, that are fundamental […]

Circular celestial patterns as part of a night sky.

Where Time-Lapse Came From and How it Works

Believe it or not, time-lapse imagery has been around for more than 100 years. While the art has been enhanced and perfected with new technology, the concept remains the same. Time-lapse videos allow us to see long processes in just minutes and lets us see both natural and man-made events in entirely new ways. Time-lapse photography had […]

Stinger roller coaster

Showcasing a Theme Park with Time-Lapse Video

It’s not uncommon for companies and corporations to utilise time-lapse videos for their professional work, as a document or promotional tool. Its versatility means it’s suitable for any number of purposes, whether that’s to film an important event or technical process, either for marketing or as a professional record and document. This is especially applicable […]

Cranes working over Albert Embankment at Nine Elms

Should You Use Time-Lapse Videos to Promote Your Business?

Time-lapse videos are an entertaining and useful medium, but should your business be using them? It’s tempting to start using an interesting and exciting type of technology right away, just because it’s fun. But, before you start using time-lapse videos, you should do some research to make sure it is the right tool for your […]