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Crowds gathering in the sunshine at the afropunk festival.

Time-lapse Trends: festivals from around the world

A popular subject of time-lapse videos, particularly at this time of year, show the experiences of festival goers from around the world. We take a closer look at this time-lapse trend with a selection of videos.

A roll of 'I Voted' USA election stickers.

Time-lapsing political developments

With the recent state visit from the President of the United States currently occupying the news agenda, we look at how time-lapse has been applied to mediate other important political happenings.

Cranes working over Albert Embankment at Nine Elms

Time-lapse applications in other mediums

As part of its evolution, the incorporation of time-lapse in other visual mediums has become an important trope. We illustrate this notion using examples of time-lapse in both film and music videos.

Mount Rushmore

Time-lapses with a presidential theme

It is just over a week since the 2016 presidential election in the USA and in keeping with a United States theme, we take a look at these unique time-lapse videos that feature everything from the White House to popular TV show House of Cards.

Stitched American flag

The changes in US presidential photography

A timely blog on the use of photography and visual imagery by US presidents past & present (and respective presidential candidates) in both election campaigns and whilst in office.

Charming Baker working in his studio

Special time-lapse project with Charming Baker

SOTHEBY’S London is the latest in a long-line of prestigious venues where we have installed a bespoke time-lapse camera system – this time in the name of art.

Since December last year we have been working with Alan ‘Charming’ Baker – one of the most dynamic artists of his generation – to help document his work in the build up to his new solo show at Sotheby’s S2 Gallery…

Drone with camera in flight

The good, the bad and the retro

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 is coming to an end today.

But what new inventions are set to make this year ground-breaking for photography?

New Year Firework Display

Explosive photography: capturing fireworks

What better way to see in the New Year than with a fireworks display.

But what to do when you review your snaps and realise they are not quite what you expected?