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Blue fireworks explode in the sky

Bringing in the New Year with time-lapse

Our first blog of 2017 explores the new year through time-lapse videos from photographers across the world, from as far back as 2011 and as recently as the turn of the latest year. Visit Australia, America and Ireland in these videos.

Our time-lapse footage of the Mary Rose on the BBC News at Ten

Some more unique projects

In August 2015 we explored some of the incredible “one-off” projects we have worked on. Well over 12-months on, this blog features many new projects we have captured for our clients, from an ancient warship to a temporary garden cinema!

Mount Rushmore

Time-lapses with a presidential theme

It is just over a week since the 2016 presidential election in the USA and in keeping with a United States theme, we take a look at these unique time-lapse videos that feature everything from the White House to popular TV show House of Cards.

Sunrise over a lake

Focusing on the autumn changes

Take a look at some autumn-themed time-lapse videos that we have picked out from across the Internet, each with a different, unique perspective on the changing season.

Internal shot of artist Charming Baker at work

The intricacies of art uncovered

Long-term time-lapse is often seen as this image and video production technique’s best asset. But what happens when you increase the interval rate of capture and the focus of the subject is the creation of art?

Seagull flies past our off-grid camera system at St Andrews Links, Scotland

Animals through time-lapse – part one

Have you ever wanted to see a butterfly emerge from its cocoon or see the depths of the sea in all its glory? Thanks to time-lapse, this and more is all possible.

Tesco car park tilt shift

Humans through time-lapse – part two

In our second “humans through time-lapse” post, we explore a number of ways to use this specialist photography method to capture human life, over both long and short-term.

The Time-Lapse Systems team outside the company head offices

Humans through time-lapse – part one

The ‘selfie’ has become such an important part of people’s lives, regardless of whether that is want or not. In our first blog post about “humans through time-lapse”, we look at the creative ways selfies can be used.