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Green and red foliage against a bright blue sky.

Time-Lapse Trends: changing seasons

As we enter into autumn, we thought it would be a good time to cover the changing conditions that each new season brings – a popular subject for time-lapse photography.

A rainbow over construction progress at Wellington Place, Leeds.

Special photo moments – perfect for all weathers

Providing continuous capture to our clients means that we must be prepared for all weathers. As a result of this guarantee, our archives are full of ‘special photo moments’ featuring all kinds of conditions.

Angel Gardens, Manchester illuminated by the rising of the morning sun.

Special photo moments – sunrise

We hope to warm things up slightly following the rather chilly conditions of recent weeks in this instalment of ‘special photo moments’. Enjoy some of our sunrise images captured by our very own time-lapse camera systems.

The Olympic Rings representing the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Time-Lapse Trends: winter sports

We return with our second “Time-Lapse Trends” of the year. Today is the beginning of the 2018 Winter Olympics and so what better way to mark this occasion than with a feature on winter sports?

A snowy scene reflected in a spherical shape.

Wintery weather time-lapses

A short blog about how time-lapse can be put to use to document the wonders of the long winter months.

Santa sitting in front of the fireplace.

Time-Lapse Trends: Christmas

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” So what better way to capture Christmas than with time-lapse video? Here is a selection of our favourites for this week’s “Time-Lapse Trends”.

Sunlight over fallen autumn leaves.

Autumn changes across the globe

“It’s that time of year again – when the leaves are falling from the trees to make a crisp and crunchy blanket under foot.” We take a journey around the globe with these autumnal time-lapses.

Snow begins to melt from the top of a red leaf

Tips for your winter photography

Snow is hitting parts of the country, fog in others and rain elsewhere. It might not be pleasant, but it is a great opportunity to snap some unique photos if you just give it a go.

A horse-drawn cart passes a Christmas market in the snow

Around the world in 12 Christmas time-lapses – part one

This time of year we love to spread some festive cheer. In previous years you might have enjoyed our bizarre (and somewhat tenuous) “12 Days of Time-Lapse” blogs. For 2016 we take a tour around the world through time-lapse. Discover “part one” of this two-part series right here.