Keeping weather worries at bay with professional time-lapse capture

As a professional time-lapse company, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we provide all of our clients with continuous capture throughout the duration of their project. In the winter months especially, this often means battling against severe weather – but we are equipped to handle it all.

As is characteristic of British weather generally, you never quite know what to expect in terms of the forecast.

Taking this into account, certain foolproof measures need to be put in place so that any outdoor camera operations are not interrupted, particularly if there is a sudden cold snap or other extreme conditions – like those experienced in many parts of the UK, this weekend!

First and foremost, our camera technology must be able to withstand turbulent temperatures and erratic elements. As well as the camera itself, the exterior housing must be able to shelter the inner mechanics of the system from wet and precipitation.

Most DLSR cameras can withstand dipping temperatures but anything below zero needs extra defence. In-built climate control settings ensure optimum functionality by providing warming or cooling facilities to the camera system as appropriate.

Project file #1 – Duns & Tees Valley

Snow scene at Air Products Tees Valley
Above: snowy scenes captured by our camera system at Tees Valley.

Having worked extensively on projects of different sizes in various external environments, we have been faced with all manner of severe weather. Snow covered the county town of Duns, nestled in the Scottish Borders, during our year-long capture of a modular build project for Adston and BHA Homes. [Pictured at the top of this blog.]

Our cameras did not falter despite the freezing conditions, resulting in a complete and comprehensive narrative combining time-lapse and video capture.

Elsewhere, in Tees Valley (pictured immediately above), our purpose-built camera system was constantly tested by severe weather – including snow, sleet, gale-force winds and sub-zero temperatures. We were able to provide an unbroken service for the duration of the 24-month project, capturing the construction of a gasification facility in County Durham.

As well as cold and wet weather, wind speeds can also threaten the stability of an outdoor camera system, particularly those that are fixed to free-standing structures.

As such, camera systems need to be securely fixed to a sturdy mounting position, kept in place using strong brackets and other equipment that can ensure stability throughout the duration of the project.

Project file #2 – RAF Brampton

The tower used to install at RAF Brampton
Above: comms tower at RAF Brampton.

As well as making conditions safe and secure for our camera systems, conditions must also be appropriate for our engineers to work in.

Capturing demolition works at RAF Brampton – an open-air base and military facility – we installed a dual-camera system set-up. In order to achieve the desired view of site, we had to install these systems at the top of a communications tower.

A specialist cherry picker was required to reach the desired fixing position.

Exposed to especially high wind speeds and other elements up at 35ft, our experienced team were able to ensure a stable fixing for the camera, with the installation carried out in accordance with health and safety regulations.

We hold accreditations from leading national bodies to ensure that we can carry out all of our work safely.

Professional services such as our own allow for remote access to camera systems that are on site, available via wireless technology.

This allows us to micro-manage camera settings in accordance with changing weather conditions, adjusting exposure and shutter speeds as an when is required, to ensure clarity and consistency across all images uploaded to our secure online archives.

Project file #3 – The Open at St Andrews

GL events' completed grandstand at St Andrews Links for The 144th Open Championship of golf
Above: the completed grandstand at St Andrews.

Our work takes us all over the UK (and beyond!) but even the notoriously unpredictable weather in Scotland was no match for our robust time-lapse camera systems.

A long-term project for GL events, documenting the construction of the first two-tiered grandstand at ‘The Home of Golf’, St Andrews in 2015, our camera systems provided uninterrupted capture in spite of low light levels, strong winds and torrential rain.

Due to a lack of access to a mains power supply also, we had to turn to off-grid solutions.

Despite the challenges presented by the weather and surrounding environment, our solution was able to sustain our camera system throughout the course of construction, resulting in 15,000 high quality images and a fully post-produced video edit for our client.

So if you are in need of services to capture any manner of outdoor work, get in touch with professionals who know how.

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