Road construction time-lapse

Above: Vital works at Coast Road Junction on the A19/A1058, captured by our camera system currently in situ.

Infrastructure developments, like those including road improvement works, are an important investment across the UK.

For contractors working in these sectors, often on government-lead projects, time-lapse is an invaluable photographic technique implemented as part of their workflow to track and publicise these endeavours.

Whether capturing improvements to roundabouts, junctions and traffic systems, or other infrastructural work such as bridge constructions, a time-lapse sequence of such developments can provide visual documentation of where money is being invested.

Roundabout redevelopments with Highways England

We have provided time-lapse for government bodies like Highways England, who are working to improve the country’s roads and motorways as part of the wider Road Investment Strategy.

We utilised a multiple camera system set-up in order to provide meticulous long-term capture of their redevelopment of the M3 Black Dam roundabout in Basingstoke. Undertaken thanks to £10 million of government funding, the scheme was put in place to remove bottle necks and to improve the flow of traffic.

Highways England often use time-lapse videos to inform the wider public about infrastructural improvements.

M27 Eastleigh roundabout resurfacing works
Above: M27 Eastleigh roundabout traffic flow improvements.

Another reason is to allay any misconceptions about the actual progress that is being made. As was reported by local news outlets, Highways England recognise that long-term road works can cause disruptions for the public and use time-lapse as a means of not only representing but validating the work that is being undertaken.

Roundabouts are vital to maintaining effective traffic flow to and from major roads & motorways, which organisations like Highways England work to ensure.

Elsewhere in the South at Eastleigh, we used another multiple camera system set-up to capture their redevelopment of the M27 Junction 5 roundabout.

We are also currently capturing other vital junction and roundabout improvements at the A19/A1058 Coast Road Junction (as pictured above).

Bridge works

Highways England’s remit also covers roadworks affected by other infrastructural elements such as bridges and tunnels.

We worked collaboratively with Aerial Images in order to deliver a short-term, rapid interval time-lapse video of a new 1,500-tonne bridge replacement at Thorley Lane on the M56, near Manchester Airport.

Using remote capture, we time-lapsed the bridge lift, which took well over 12 hours to complete. The grand scale of these replacement works garnered interest on various social media channels as well as getting picked up by industry-specific outlets, such as Construction News.

Other bridge replacements that we have time-lapsed include the installation of the new Northern Road Bridge, which carries the A397 between the M27 and the A3, over the rail line at Cosham, Portsmouth.

Again, remote capture was vital to this particular project, as works often continued overnight during its 12-month duration, in order to minimise the risk and disruption to the public.

As we have written about elsewhere, time-lapse is an ideal tool to isolate and emphasise the complex and detailed work that is often involved with rail works.

Other specialist works

Elsewhere in the South of England, we installed a camera system at the side of the M275 and documented the construction of a new junction, slip road and £28 million new Park and Ride facility at Tipner, again near Portsmouth.

For external infrastructural works such as these, equipment must be safe and secure, so as to capture faultlessly throughout each phase of operations.

Further north in the Midlands, our time-lapse and site monitoring services have been commissioned for other specialist projects, such as the construction of Stoke-on-Trent’s new state-of-the-art bus terminal in 2012.

The finished edit shows a complete narrative trajectory, from initial groundworks, construction, and finishing with the Hanley Bus Station functioning at working capacity. In this way, time-lapse photography can act as a valuable, intermediary solution, visualising the work of contractors and communicating progress to the wider public.

Our work on specialist infrastructure projects up and down the country continues, with one camera system in particular capturing a very long-term project on the M4 motorway.

Please get in touch with us to ask about our full range of services and how we could benefit your needs in this line of work and beyond.

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