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Our Work for Crest Nicholson

Case Study Our Work for Crest Nicholson

1 November 2022 Kate

The Campbell Wharf and Marina project was developed by Crest Nicholson along with the Milton Keynes Development Partnership (MKDP) to regenerate disused canal side land into a thriving mixed used development.

Crest Nicholson has been at the helm of the project in central Milton Keynes, transforming an under-utilised location into a high-quality development. The regeneration scheme includes 383 new homes, a nursery, a pub, retail and commercial units, public open spaces, and a short-stay marina.

Time-Lapse Systems have been capturing with a dual camera system throughout the exciting project, starting with the construction of its centre piece – Campbell Wharf Marina, a well-designed piece of civil engineering.

Campbell Wharf Marina

Campbell Wharf Marina

Time-Lapse Systems were privileged to time-lapse the transformation of disused canal-side land into a fully-fledged 111 berth marina.

Prior to the 45-week construction programme, we liaised with Crest Nicholson to identify the prime installation location for our camera system. Once we had all the relevant information one of our in-house skilled engineers undertook an on-site visit so we could look at the best options for set-up ahead of the works commencing. After our experienced engineers had fitted the camera system focused on the marina development, we continued to work closely with Crest Nicholson to ensure we documented the key work being undertaken.

Our in-house editors were involved throughout the project, continually monitoring the remote management of the system to provide focussed and rapid capture at key points. Our editors micro-managed the time-lapse capture throughout to ensure the best documentation of the marina project. The team increased capture rates to record key events such as:
– the marina being shaped from 110,000m³ of Oxford clay excavated from the residential side of the development
– 500 metres of sheet piling being installed
– 25,000 cubic metres of water from the Grand Union Canal used to fill the marina.
Other key events documented were:
– the installation of a bespoke footbridge
– the construction of the high specification marina building.

Aerial CGI image envisaging the completed Campbell Wharf development in Milton Keynes.Campbell Wharf Marina

Our editors used our specialised in-house software to manage our camera system. This same secure software, iRis 4.0 can also be used for site-monitoring purposes by project managers, clients and the construction team to ensure that work on site is going to plan.

Campbell Wharf Development

Our second camera system captured the extensive residential development at Campbell Wharf. This mixed-use development offers a wide range of housing, from apartments through to five-bedroom homes, as well as retail units and the pub, the Warbler on the Wharf.

As with all our projects, our engineers ensured the optimal viewpoint for the camera system and our editors continuously monitored and remotely micromanaged capture through our software system.

Through our bespoke software system, we were able to provide a live viewing platform to show images of the whole process in real-time. This allowed all those involved in the project, even if working remotely, to view the work as it happened.

Campbell Wharf, Milton Keynes
Campbell Wharf

Time-Lapse Photography & Video

The time-lapse footage for both the marina and the mixed-use development has been used by Crest Nicholson and development partner Evans Johns throughout for marketing and promotional purposes. Using the stills images from our camera systems means our clients are easily able to share developments with the press and public.

Throughout the construction of the marina, we  provided quick time edits and videos to document progress. Crest Nicholson was able to promote and publicise the dramatic construction and transformation of Campbell Wharf Marina through these time-lapse sequences – raising interest in the project with local and national press.

Campbell Wharf

When the marina project was complete, we edited the time-lapse capture into a final, fully post-produced video that documented the whole complex process.

Campbell Wharf

Why Use Time-Lapse Systems?

Time-Lapse Systems are delighted to work on such a high-profile regeneration project. We are well known throughout the construction industry for consistently producing the best quality capture and film services.

Please get in touch with our team to find out more about the high-quality service and time-lapse we provide to large scale mixed-use developments and the construction industry.

Campbell Wharf
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