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Case Study Our work with Amazon

7 November 2022 Kate

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer selling products through its e-commerce platform. In its attempts to increase efficiency and to expand, Time-Lapse Systems has been working alongside this multinational giant since 2019.

As Amazon has increased and extended its presence in the UK, our time-lapse camera systems have been an integral part of its project management and communications. Time-Lapse Systems has captured a breadth of external and internal projects from ‘shed’ builds to retrofitting of existing distribution centres.

We have visually documented Amazon’s projects and we have created a dedicated viewing portal, allowing all key members of their team access to remotely monitor ‘live’ or archived footage.

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Amazon Logistics – Launches

The task:

For Time-Lapse Systems to document the expansion of UK Amazon distribution network across 25 sites.

Our solution:

This was a vast, large-scale project of 25 sites across the UK. Amazon needed to document and monitor progress on all the sites, many running concurrently. With our assistance, they managed to report the construction of these ‘sheds’ and distribution centres through our time-lapse camera systems. Our skilled engineers surveyed each site to capture the best angle of construction, whilst our in-house editors remotely micro-managed the systems to ensure consistent, quality capture. This allowed Amazon to effectively communicate build progress through images. All the Amazon team, from project managers through to head office had access to the dedicated portal or ‘hub’ of live images. This remote site monitoring from any device meant that developments could be tracked from anywhere. With on-demand ‘live’ images, a lot of the overseeing of projects could be done remotely by team members. Any on-site visits could be timed to when a significant phase was fully completed. Time-Lapse Systems dedicated viewing portal became a central communication tool between Amazon site and head office teams.

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Very impressive, flexible, and efficient way of working. Every team member was always with a smile and a solution ready to meet the tight and demanding schedule of launching the new Amazon Delivery Stations in the UK and to retrofit existing ones.

The use of the platform during the projects helped us manage various locations at the same time, overcome potential challenges and made it easier to communicate the progress with the stakeholders involved.

Regarding the final timelapse video that was created demonstrated perfectly all the work that every team member has put in, to meet the great results.

Kyriakos G. Kyriakopoulos – Engineering Project Manager, Amazon

Amazon Worldwide Engineering and Advanced Technology

Amazon Worldwide Engineering and Advanced Technology

The task:

For Time-Lapse Systems to document the advanced robotics and automation for an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, LBA4, I-Port, Doncaster, UK.  This site is a Mega-Fulfilment Centre (one of only two such sites in the UK) that distributes to both the UK and EU Fulfilment network.

Our solution:

To install 6 camera systems and record the fit-out process with filming on completion using specialist motion controlled and time-lapse.

Our experienced in-house engineers surveyed the site and installed six time-lapse camera systems to record the full fit-out process. Using our software, Amazon UK could visually document all aspects of the robotics and automation fit-out project. The team could remotely access and monitor progress via our dedicated Amazon viewing portal. Once the fit-out was completed, Amazon could then track how they were increasing productivity on site. By using our camera systems and site monitoring capabilities, any delays, disruptions as well as significant improvements could be monitored and shared through our remote viewing platform. Our securely stored 4K time-lapse images also allowed team members to reference historic footage whenever necessary. We undertook further filming during the project using specialist motion-controlled and time-lapse techniques to further showcase the work undertaken.

Amazon LBA4Amazon LBA4

Amazon Logistics – Retrofits

The task:

For Time-Lapse Systems to capture as Amazon retro-fitted existing fulfilment centres, to uplift UK capacity of pre-existing Amazon distribution sites.

Our solution:

To install and capture via 68 camera systems over a two-year period.
– 60 camera systems across 15 sites in 2020.
– 8 camera systems across 4 sites in 2021.

We also provided specialist rigged filming and time-lapse of live conveyors and manual operations.

Using our camera system footage and data, Amazon has been able to oversee the retrofits of 19 existing fulfilment centres and monitor how the improvements have created uplift results. Continually documenting and collating a bank of images that can be referred to at any point has empowered Amazon with the ability to monitor and micromanage improvements.

Amazon DWN2 retrofitAmazon DXG2 retrofit

Showcasing Amazon Projects through Video

To highlight key milestones and completion of all their projects, Amazon has used Time-Lapse Systems specialist in-house editors to create bespoke videos. These short videos, that combine time-lapse footage with specialist rigged photography as well as drone videography, have been used within Amazon to communicate internally with staff, and externally – making the public aware of the details of the projects.

By using multi-faceted ways of capture, Time-Lapse Systems have created short yet impactful videos that swiftly tell the story of a project or interweave numerous projects to showcase the company’s achievements.

Amazon drone

We are immensely proud to have been chosen and trusted by Amazon to capture all their UK projects since 2019.

In such a short space of time, we have collaborated on a significant number and range of projects, always finding innovative quality solutions to fulfil Amazon’s requirements and high expectations.

Find out more about our commitment to continuing to provide the highest quality service and time-lapse to the ‘super shed’ & construction industry.

Please get in touch with our team to find out more.

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