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News 7 ways to use time-lapse construction videos

8 March 2019 Kate

Why not work with a professional provider who can capture your project as part of a high quality time-lapse construction narrative?

There are many kinds of work that this technique can be used to capture, including the work of vigorous equipment such as bulldozers and cranes. Time-lapse can also be applied to more individual, up-close manual handling tasks, using saws and power tools.

As well as providing construction site monitoring, time-lapse photographs are then skilfully edited together to form a polished visual narrative of your project from start to finish.

There are many ways in which time-lapse construction videos can be put to use; we list seven key uses below.

1. Keep a complete visual record of construction

A detailed record of a project is vital no matter what sector you are working in. For construction especially, however, written reports, images, blueprints and sketches are all integral at each stage of a build.

None of these tools are quite as effective as time-lapse for capturing the very essence of a project. On a construction site progress is visual but the speed at which this unfolds in real time is slow-moving and cannot be easily identified.

With a time-lapse video, you will have a visual representation of the entire project in action at a much greater speed. Progress can be paused, forwarded, or rewound, so that you can study exactly what was accomplished and how. A time-lapse construction video, then, acts as a visual companion.

2. Review processes with your team

Seeing construction progress in time-lapse form, whether watching retrospectively following the completion of a project or viewing periodic edits incrementally after each phase of work, is a great way to affirm the efforts of your team.

Watching a structure come together as part of a stunning Ultra HD video can help to encourage a team and promote enthusiasm for the project. Not only is this a valuable tool for smaller teams, but you can also share the work and success of one department with an entire company in a matter of minutes.

3. Review progress with your client

Laptop displaying a major construction site through the iRis 4.0 viewing portal

Above: major time-lapse construction project viewable through our online site monitoring platform, iRis 4.0. Archived images as well as time-lapse videos can be viewed and shared easily using this platform.

While construction work is ongoing, there are other invested parties who wish to be kept in the loop.

A time-lapse construction video is one of the best ways to reveal developments; showing off portions of site, what has been accomplished and what phase is to come next. Watching time-lapse is also more engaging than receiving a written report or a series of incremental images.

Further, such videos can show progress in a clear and concise manner, offering a report without any technical jargon.

4. Pitch to potential clients

As well as providing benefits for those on the job, time-lapse construction videos are also a useful medium for showcasing your skills to potential clients.

Progress is seen immediately and the entire scope of a project can be visualised in a few minutes. A truer sense of depth can be gauged in this way, showing potential clients exactly what you are capable of and how successful your past projects have been.

5. Host your time-lapse construction work on your website in a creative way

Time-lapse is becoming such a powerful weapon in the arsenal for contractors in a grossly competitive industry.

Professional edits can easily be embedded on your website. Visual content like this can showcase your work in the best light, negating the need for you to describe all of your projects in depth or use an excessive amount of images.

Time-lapse videos are sure to impress & engage visitors, and encourage them to return again & again. Perhaps more importantly, such content will encourage clients to do business with you on the basis of your skillset showcased in this way.


6. Social media marketing

Time-lapse construction is also a popular genre on social media.

Videos are easily shared and consumed on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and, at the same time, engaging larger audiences. The culmination of months of capture can be an eye-catching addition to a client’s newsfeed.

7. Grab attention at industry events

As well as online, time-lapse videos can also breath new life into how you approach marketing at public events.

Using time-lapse to market your construction business, has a whole host of benefits. More and more contractors are embracing the technique to help win new contracts and further develop their construction profile within the industry.

Time-lapse videos have a place on screens in your company reception, at your booth at a trade show, or as part of a presentation at crucial meetings, at a conference or other networking event. Professional providers specially tailor sequences to company specifications, helping to put your own individual stamp on your work.

Not only are these fun and interesting to watch, time-lapse construction videos can be effective conversation starters at events – helping audiences to understand just what is involved in this sector – while showcasing the incredible accomplishments of major projects.


Time-lapse construction videos are a must-have on your site. This technique can help you capture the scope and depth of a project with incredible detail. You can use this to review progress or promote it – both of which benefits your business.

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