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Using a crane and cage over the Moorgate Station project to access the camera system

News The ‘A E I O Us’ of professional photography

5 December 2016 Daniel Curtis

With an extensive mix of professional photography companies to choose from, how do you know who to go with?

In addition, at a time when products are more affordable and easily accessible than ever before, perhaps the dichotomous boundaries of amateurs and professionals no longer hold the same sway as they once did. With this in mind, we bring you the A, E, I, O, and Us of what a professional service should offer and what separates it from the DIY services in such a competitive market.


Professional photographers are often hired for events of larger scale, involving heightened security measures, with a specified guest list and sometimes sensitive information that the wider public may not be privileged to.

Special access needs to be granted in these circumstances and can be made easier with those who have the relevant health and safety accreditations, and experience.

An advantage of professional photography is that more and varied vantage points can be accessed, with better equipment able to enhance composition. This results in more stylish and unique finished videos unachievable without vast experience, high-quality equipment and manpower.


Any project will inevitably benefit from the varying levels of experience that comes with a professional service. The ability to navigate and work within different environments, as well as providing innovative solutions in terms of production and post-production can often be the most cost effective approach.

Professional photographers are masters of their kit and so the high standard and quality of their work applies to both the technical as well as the practical side of their services. High levels of skill and ability in post-production practices are refined over time and can offer a great deal more for your money on both short-term and long-term projects.


Most professional providers offer an all-in-one guarantee which begins from the moment of enquiry and extends beyond the project’s completion to the post-production process.

Professional companies can offer multiple personnel, bringing together a host of expertise and experience in one package. Each stage is carefully managed so that the intricacies of a project are streamlined to perfection.


The Internet provides a perfect digital space wherein amateurs and professionals coexist, with equal opportunities afforded to them in terms of online platforms to showcase their work. Rapidly evolving camera technologies and editing software also mean that it is now easier for budding amateur photographers to have access to the similar tools as professionals.

In addition, online platforms bridge the gap between professionals and clients. Those that offer more usability and responsiveness are usually those who invest in the time to understand the various formats and visual elements that will meet their clients’ specific requirements.

This in turn makes it easier for clients to share video edits and marketing materials with the wider public.


Professionals in photography solutions not only operate using the best in visual media but they also pioneer unique techniques and equipment that cannot be found on the shelves. Pushing boundaries in terms of editing, camera technologies, and visual approaches, such things are often developed ‘in-house’ meaning that clients benefit from enhancements that are not available anywhere else.

The magic of a professional service, then, comes from this ability to offer unique applications so that the results have that extra something special regardless of their intended purpose.


So, if you are struggling to decipher who is who in the photography business, consider these A, E, I, O, Us as a guide to picking the very best from the rest.

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