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Internal time-lapse at Legoland Star Wars Miniland

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9 June 2015 Daniel Curtis

More and more companies now use time-lapse camera systems as part of their working process, having discovered just how beneficial they can be.

The sectors of work that this form of photography is now deployed in grows wider and wider, from events and leisure to construction and demolition to retail.

At the same time that the rise in use of time-lapse for marketing and promotional purposes has increased, so have so-called ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. It might seem, then, that you can “do it yourself”.

Traditionally, time-lapse camera systems were controlled by an intervalometer. By plugging an external device into a digital camera, the operator could tell the camera when to take photos and how often. But now people are being tempted into buying cameras with built-in functions, without properly considering the needs of their project.

Small cameras are simply not robust enough to be left to the elements and rough world that they need to be capturing within. Take construction sites as a prime example – any person or company that uses a small, compact, all-in-one camera us bound to end up disappointed. Anything from being struck by plant to extreme weather conditions – and everything in between – is a potential danger to a successful project.

Some companies even use these sorts of products as part of their service, which is fine for short-term jobs that are manned. But there are no guarantees when it comes to operating them over a longer period of time. Limited battery life and an inability to remotely monitor them could result in missing key moments and details.

Speaking of details, these cameras tend not to produce the quality of a bespoke time-lapse camera system. As well as being well protected from heavy-duty work, withstanding severe weather changes with customised climate control mechanisms and enabling remote access to them across a secure network, having a professionally built set-up means the best quality results – guaranteed.

Implementing a DSLR at the heart of the system – coupled with professional lenses and regular monitoring – ensures great quality. You only need to compare the finished time-lapse videos of different companies and you will quickly discover finished products that are vastly superior to others.

You can enjoy a selection of Time-Lapse Systems’ videos on our YouTube channel. These include this edit we produced for the Legoland Discovery Centre in the Trafford Centre, Manchester:

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