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Night shot looking across 190 Strand to the London Eye

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24 February 2015 Daniel Curtis

The uses of time-lapse are virtually endless. From construction to demolition and event monitoring to time-motion studies, arguably any business or anyone can benefit from long-term capture of their project.

190 Strand night shot looking at St Clement Danes
The 190 Strand website uses successive edits in two different videos to keep potential customers and stakeholders informed of the builds progress.

Site monitoring is being utilised by companies worldwide, but many fail to see the value in video edits. The former has become so popular because, using a bespoke and high-quality camera system, it is fantastic for management of a site or project. Live images can be fed to an online viewer, which can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

But this is often kept to the company that has been commissioned, rather than sharing it. Whilst it is possible to embed such a viewer onto websites, it is correct that commonly there might be little value to the consumer or public to view it.

Time-lapse has the ability to unlock the hidden potential in images taken at 15 minute intervals, by ‘speeding’ them up into a concise video. Professional editors can remove periods of inactivity, compose the most effective images onto a timeline and then set them to attractive, purposeful and relevant music.

This form of photography reveals things that are simply not possible to see with the naked eye – because of the length of time or unusual angle (professional companies will have the relevant qualifications and expertise to fit a camera at just about any position or in any environment).

Site monitoring tends to fall within construction and demolition environments, because of the need to manage delivery of plant and materials, record progress and as an archive for future reference.

The pictures also have a second use, however. Developer Gener8 provided the BBC with an image from a remote camera system for a news article, which should help to raise their profile.

But that is not to say the pictures captured are redundant unless used as individual stills. Major demolition firm Connell Brothers Ltd are just one example of having success integrating videos as part of their website. They even have a dedicated section on their website specifically for videos.

Housing group Berkley have used time-lapse as part of their wider marketing scheme for two new developments in the heart of London – 190 Strand and Abell & Cleland. They have embedded edits into a full marketing video, which in turn have been incorporated onto their own unique website.

For Higher Education institutes, creating the right image is important. South Essex College documented the build of their new £45 million campus in Thurrock and can now proudly display the time-lapse video created from it.

Short-term capture can also be effective when post-produced, like this seven-minute video Essar Oil UK have used.

Moving away from construction of that sort and onto another – Lego.

Announced last week as the world’s most powerful brand, the plastic brick manufacturer must be doing something right.

Expanding its appeal has been key – and has also seen the Merlin Entertainment-controlled Legoland Discovery Centres pop up at a rapid rate across the globe. As part of this, which requires a large amount of man-hours producing models from their base in Windsor, England, time-lapse camera systems have captured a number of different builds. And to significant success.

This particular edit has racked up almost 130,000 views alone, with additional videos also springing up as part of a wide range of marketing for the entertainment group.

Another of their brands – Alton Towers Resort – has also benefitted greatly.

No matter how you originally intended to use a camera system, it can lead to many outputs that, in turn, can help to improve and grow your business. The finished product, after a long period capture, can be used in any way you like – with the variety plain for all to see.

Ensure you use a reputable company that delivers results on time, every time and compare the quality before making a decision. But so long as they have the expertise, integrating a time-lapse video into your marketing strategy is not only easy but also highly effective.


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