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An image of our editors Alex and Shannon who recently gained Adobe accreditations.

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21 March 2024 Holly Eckersley

Our Fabulous Team: Shannon and Alex gain their Adobe Certifications

Our team are our biggest asset at Time-Lapse Systems. We proudly announce that our editors Alex and Shannon have gained their Adobe certifications. After months of studying, they passed assessments in: ‘Adobe Certified Professional Visual Effects and Motions Graphics using Adobe After Effects’, ‘Adobe Certified Professional in Video Design’ and ‘Digital Video using Adobe Premiere Pro’.

Alex and Shannon scored exceptionally high in their assessments, showing their commitment to their personal career development. Having a team that is continually keeping abreast with changing technological developments ensures that we have the best practices and can always deliver to the high standards that our clients demand.

Our team of editors carefully edit and manage the images that we take to create the high-quality time-lapse videos that we are known for. All of the hard work of our engineers, who carefully install our in-house developed systems for our clients, culminates in the editing process. The editing team utilise a range of software plug-ins that help us to guarantee that each image we use in our videos is fully optimised allowing us to meet the stringent criteria our clients expect. Shannon and Alex’s new Adobe skills align with the rest of the editing team, enhancing our collective expertise and ensuring we can always meet exacting standards.

We asked both Shannon and Alex about this experience and what they had personally gained from their new certifications. Shannon stated that she had ‘…learnt so much and developed so many new skills in 3D and graphics’. She is excited to put her new knowledge to use when creating the final time-lapse edits for our clients. Shannon is one of our editors and is responsible for creating the final time-lapse videos and assisting with all aspects of post-production. Shannon has a degree in animation studies and an extended diploma in TV and Film. She has a passion for video production and loves creating digital drawings in her spare time.

Alex is also keen to put his new knowledge to good use, he stated that having his new qualifications has given him ‘…more confidence’. Alex discussed how his new Adobe skills have enabled him to be ‘more efficient with …[his] time as …[he has] learnt new shortcuts as well as a range of new graphics effects’. Alex has a dual role at Time-Lapse Systems, he is one of our very skilled editors and also works as a Senior Production Operator, getting involved with both the production and post-production of the wonderful projects that we are entrusted to capture. He has extensive experience in video production having made several short films, audio drama series and a feature-length film in his spare time of which some have even won awards! He holds a first-class honours degree in Television Production Technology and is always looking for new ways to develop and hone his expertise and skills.

Congratulations to Shannon and Alex on their hard work in attaining their new Adobe certifications. They have both been dedicated to their studies and we are pleased that they have achieved such great results. At Time-Lapse Systems we always try to support our staff in their career development to achieve their goals.

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