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16 January 2015 Daniel Curtis

Everyone now has access to time-lapse photography.

From international companies hiring the services of professionals, to tech-minded hobbyists who have just bought the latest camera with an inbuilt intervalometer, affordability makes everyone a budding time-lapse filmmaker.

Whilst the latter does not produce the same quality that experts provide, setting up a camera does mean we can take a peek at some of the more secretive parts of society.

A few months ago we took a look at some interesting videos of artists at work… but what about those that are even more unusual? Let us take a look.

Forget a traditional artist’s easel and canvas, YouTuber ARTPOP went for a watermelon. And with an intricate knife, rather than a paintbrush, he created something pretty spectacular:

Of course, there are countless software programmes available now that allow you to record what you are doing on your computer, creating a new form of time-lapse. And the artist behind “Pixels, Huh” brings their work to life through just that. If you ever had to grapple with the pains of Microsoft Paint, this might just make you wonder what you ever had against raster images…

Hyperrealistic art is always going to be sensational (it even made an M&M packet look good last time around), but this has to be one of the more bizarre things would want to draw – a toothpaste tube. It is impressive, nonetheless:

Whilst this final video is technically “art”, the whole event is something you probably have not watched before (and never thought of watching). But, like the toothpaste, it is impressive in itself. What happens when you put a small magnet in the middle of a ring of magnetic putty? Let time-lapse show you…

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