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An image of a newborn baby's feet held my it's Mother's and Father's hands. The feet and hands entwined make a heart shape.

News Baby and Child Time-Lapse

17 July 2023 Holly Eckersley

Time-lapse focused on babies and children as they grow and change has become more popular as parents look for creative ways to document important milestones in the lives of their offspring. Capturing the subtle changes that occur as infants grow into toddlers, adolescents, and eventually adults is fascinating to watch unfold. These time-lapse videos offer a unique perspective on the passage of time and can be used for various purposes, such as creating visual art pieces or documenting family memories.

As time-lapse can condense many weeks months and years of footage into a short video, the format allows viewers to observe the progression of growth whilst capturing changing facial features and developmental milestones, such as crawling, walking and everything in-between. Time-lapse documents subtle changes that may otherwise be missed, helping to preserve precious memories for posterity. By capturing subtle nuances in movement and expression over extended periods, people can create stunning visual narratives that highlight the beauty of life’s fleeting moments.

In this article we look at examples of how time-lapse has been used to document children and babies growing and the striking visual experience of watching these children grow before our eyes.

An image of a Father holding a newborn baby. Sunlight shines from directly behind them casting the figures in shadow. The Father rests his forehead on the baby in their embrace.

Time-lapse of a Baby’s First Year

In this YouTube video Nicole Lela Green uses time-lapse to show her son Jace’s development over a year. This video is narrated by the baby’s mother detailing their week together, his weight and height growth, appointment overviews with his paediatrician and his feeding and sleeping habits. These personalised recordings offer a lovely window into each stage of this baby’s first year which is incredibly special.

Longer Term Timelapse of Babies Growing Up

Shawn Robertson uses time-lapse in this video over a far more extended period of time to record his daughter’s growth from four months to 14 years old. The child stands in the exact same position against a bookcase. The images taken over 14 years are edited together creating a video which shows the little girl, Ava’s, growth over time.

Baby to Toddler time-Lapse

In this video by Cobra Timelapse and DIY an image is taken of a little boy, Andrew everyday until his second birthday. This tiny baby was placed in the same spot with the same lighting conditions for two years, the images generated were edited together to create this remarkable video to show his development. The video is annotated with his height measurements and weight to help document important milestones as he grows. We hope this video inspires many more parents and carers to create a time-lapse video of their own children.

Time-Lapse Digital Drawing: Baby Growing Up

In this fascinating time-lapse video by YouTube user ZoopWorld a life-like drawing of a baby is continually modified showing the slow progression of the baby girl into childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Illustrator, Seok Jeong Hyeon created the images to show how precious time is. The striking portraits demonstrate how it can be difficult to notice are children growing up and how important it is to be fully present as once a certain developmental milestone is over it is gone forever.

We thoroughly enjoyed watching the innovative and creative ways these YouTube users have documented their children’s development using time-lapse. At Time-Lapse Systems we love how time-lapse is being used in lots of interesting ways in peoples’ daily lives and how this media has many different applications. As the UK’s leading provider of time-lapse solutions we often capture subjects in the commercial and natural world, rather than the domestic domain. However, there are lots of apps which can be used for creating your own time-lapse sequences at home. We have also written this handy blog article which offers a complete guide to time-lapse to give you handy tips drawing from our many years of experience.

We work across many different sectors and we are fortunate enough to work on lots of fascinating projects all over the world. We work tirelessly to bring each project to life in the best way possible for our clients. If you would like to hear more about the services we offer, please get in touch to discuss how time-lapse may benefit your project.





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