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Southampton Freight Services lorry being loaded

News Creating a behind-the-scenes look at Southampton Freight Services

22 March 2017 Daniel Curtis

ALMOST two years after capturing the fit-out of their new headquarters, we returned to Southampton Freight Services for a brand new time-lapse video.

Tasked with capturing three months in the life of the Southampton-based independent logistics providers, we used two long-term networked camera systems and four in situ operators to document the busy working life at the company.

As a family-run business, the premise of this project was to communicate a sense of their core practices and the people involved in these operations.

Focusing on two primary areas at Southampton Freight – warehouse operations and the associated office environments – we used a mixed-media approach to extensively capture the inner workings of this facility.

As well as being experts in long-term time-lapse capture, we have the capacity and expertise to blend multiple forms of time-lapse and video – including rapid and in situ capture – to create a coherent narrative.

In this instance, we used rapid interval time-lapse to capture intense loading/ unloading processes, while stabilised walkthroughs allowed us to document vital work on the ground.

A specialised gimbal allowed our operators to closely track movements of warehouse workers handling goods, palletising and logging deliveries, and operating fork-lift machinery.

Our cameras also followed Southampton Freight’s new articulated lorry as it made a cargo delivery to a vessel docked at the city’s port.

To visualise the office environment in its working capacity, motion-controlled rigs generated seamless panning movements showcasing a much larger space using time-lapse and video.

Workers were also captured during their breaks from work, providing an insight into the friendly dynamics of this business.

Having previously documented the nine-week construction and fit-out of their premises, this project provides a look at the expansion of this business.

Our team of editors worked tirelessly to produce the impressive, stylish edit, consulting with Southampton Freight Services Managing Director Ross Negus to guarantee the ideal video for the business.

The completed edit is now being widely used across their various media channels and also features as the subject of a project report on their website.

This project continues our ongoing relationship with Southampton Freight and we wish them all the best with their future successes.

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