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News Benefits of remotely monitored time-lapse capture

10 November 2016 Daniel Curtis

Following on from one of our previous posts detailing the beneficial qualities of time-lapse and site monitoring, we now turn to focus on a specific feature of this medium: remote time-lapse. In this blog we provide a detailed rundown of 9 ways that remote capture can work for you.



Hands-on not required

On large-scale construction sites, in particular, where the constant presence of contractors and trained personnel must be carefully regulated so as to reduce the risk of potential hazards, the ability to control the camera remotely is highly advantageous. Using a special computer attached to the camera, images are captured at set intervals and varying shutter speeds so as not to miss any of the action.

Not only is this a more viable option where health and safety is concerned, this can also be an extremely cost effective method for contractors who are probably already working within a tight budget.



Limited access

Some projects can become especially complicated and challenging in terms of access to a desired fixing point on site. While professional time-lapse companies are able to think outside of the box when it comes to difficult installations, limited access to the camera system, as well as the logistical considerations often involved in these kinds of projects, means that it is impractical and laborious having to constantly return to the camera.

Remote time-lapse monitoring eliminates this problem, keeping on-site access to a bare minimum.



Professional time-lapse and site monitoring via secure online networks

Remote time-lapse also refers to the incorporation of a network connection which enables the transfer and back-up of images taken by the camera system to be secured online.

Images populate this secure server in real-time which can then be closely monitored via an online viewing platform by trained time-lapse professionals. This ensures a consistency in the high quality of image produced throughout the duration of the project, regardless of the changing conditions of the environment in which the camera is situated.



Kept in-the-loop

This constant management can offer practical benefits for any project, especially for large-scale work. Contractors can check deliveries as they arrive on-site, share and discuss progress with stakeholders, and engage with staff as well as the wider public.

Allowing all involved to stay in-the-loop is an important part of any professional situation, especially when large amounts of money are invested at every stage of a project.



Constant source of power

Battery life on any handheld piece of equipment has a limit, regardless of quality and hardware, and even with a rechargeable battery this does not offer a practical solution on time-sensitive projects nor guarantee constant up-time.

Professional time-lapse camera systems can function indefinitely when connected to a mains source of power. This does require health and safety checks and qualified personnel to put this in place, but means that a project is not slave to limited battery life.



Solar powered solutions

When a mains source of power cannot be utilised, particularly in remote, external locations, solar power, wind or renewable energy can provide other means to keep your camera system running.

This level of service requires considerable expertise and can only be offered by true professionals.



No weather worries

While a certain level of control can be expected when employing professional time-lapse and site monitoring solutions, external projects are always at the mercy of changing weather and environmental conditions.

Where hi-tech equipment is concerned, it is necessary to work with time-lapse camera systems that are resilient to such changing atmospheres. Camera housings can now come equipped with climate control features so as to function at optimum capacity all year round.



24/7 control regardless of project duration

Constant power means constant control. So whether you need capture for a matter of days, months, or even years, continuous management of the camera system can be maintained and ensured via remote means.



Multi-purpose, multi-use

Time-lapse is an ever-evolving medium and can be easily to adapted to fit any brief and set of specifications. Remote management of the camera system is what gives time-lapse this adaptability, offering control and careful, cost-effective management that can offer easy solutions to the intricacies involved in projects large and small.

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