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Early morning snow at Air Products in the North of England

News Capturing extreme weather on camera

30 August 2016 Daniel Curtis

The wild and unpredictable weather of the UK is always a point of discussion, particularly across a Bank Holiday weekend. And the latest did not fail to deliver, with thunderstorms and torrential rain followed almost immediately by glorious sunshine across the country.

As well as a handy discussion point, weather makes an interesting subject for time-lapse photography, capturing the most extreme conditions and turning them into a visually stunning photography and video piece.


This time-lapse video by Eric Nathan perfectly captures the ‘rolling’ movement of fog from the Atlantic into Cape Town, South Africa.

Atlantic Fog Time-lapse from Eric Nathan on Vimeo.

The lights of the city and the occasional passing of car headlights are evocative of electricity shooting from one source to another.


It is easier to find comfort in the sound of the rain when you are indoors – but in order to capture this epic time-lapse of monsoon season in Arizona, Davo Laninga spent three months chasing storms and other wild weather.

AZ Monsoon 2015 from Davo Laninga on Vimeo.

With 4,500 miles travelled, and almost 50,000 frames captured on two cameras, including brief encounters with the police, border control, and the DEA, the final result was definitely worth the slight hiccups!


From the wet to the frozen, this time-lapse edit from Greg Kiss paints a more serene picture of extreme weather conditions across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Winter Wonderland from Greg Kiss on Vimeo.

Reaching well-below freezing, enduring the perhaps uncomfortable temperatures of −35 °C (−31 °F) meant that the lighting conditions were perfect for landscape photography.

Sleeping at 2,900 metres above sea level to capture some of Europe’s most famous mountain sunrises, this time-lapse video will leave you truly breathless (if not from the cold!).


As part of our professional services, we too can produce stunning time-lapse in extreme weather conditions and operate camera systems in external locations up and down the country. Our bespoke camera systems are built to withstand the harshest of forecasts.

Please explore our website and discover how our time-lapse and site monitoring solutions can benefit your external projects.

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