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News A complete time-lapse service for hire

13 February 2017 Daniel Curtis

A full and comprehensive service does not end with the de-rigging of the camera system. The complete professional package covers all stages of a project trajectory, from initial inception to post-production.

Enlisting a professional company when capturing time-lapse may seem redundant to some, especially in an economic environment based on the principles of ‘supply and demand’ – whereby professional equipment is available to the individual consumer just as easily as it is to larger businesses. It is for this reason perhaps that DIY photography and video practices are becoming increasingly common, sometimes with impressive results.

Indeed, the idea of setting up a camera system yourself is certainly appealing, but it could be that you miss out on something that is equally as affordable and includes the ‘complete package’. Does ‘doing it yourself’ really get you the best results?


Fully customisable

Granted that buying off-the-shelf kit can get you a DSLR camera and other similarly germane equipment but a construction webcam system, for instance, cannot produce the same quality as professional systems and does not come with a complete service guarantee.

Professional time-lapse photography service providers customise their equipment per the individual requirements of the client. Camera systems and any accompanying accoutrements are designed in-house and are fully bespoke for every project.

This customisation does not simply apply to the technical apparatus involved but refers to the planning and implementation of attendant methods and strategies tailored to the individual needs of a project. Such careful consideration is necessary before installation of the camera can even take place.

Installation – from theory to practice

Installation of a camera system, whether it be on site in a construction environment, commercial space, or more of an urban setting, requires careful application and adherence to health and safety regulations.

Some projects pose more risks than others and on occasion innovative methods of installation are needed to gain the desired perspective on a subject. Specialist harnesses, cranes, secure brackets, and other mounting equipment requires skill and training to be used safely.

A staple of professional time-lapse and site monitoring services are the accreditations that they hold by leading national bodies. These certify that work involving heights, managing heavy-duty equipment, and outdoor/indoor terrains are managed by trained, experienced individuals.

In-situ – remote, micro-managed capture

Once in place, complete management of the camera is guaranteed. Constant presence while the system is in-situ is not plausible, especially on sites with limited or restricted access to the camera, and for projects taking place over a particularly lengthy period of time.

Remote access to the camera system via 4G (or even 3G) networks means that hands-on access to the camera system is not required. Camera systems can be fully monitored and all settings managed to the very last detail so that the high quality of the image can be maintained despite the varying conditions experienced on some projects. For external work this is particularly relevant during fluctuating weather conditions and for internal projects, with rapid bursts of activity and ever-changing lighting conditions.

Remote time-lapse capture also enables the transfer and back-up of all images which populate an online viewing portal. Such platforms allow all public/ private parties to view progress and changes on-site as required �� especially integral for construction monitoring.

Most importantly, in the event of a problem on-site concerning the camera system, a professional guarantee means that this can be attended to immediately.


Of course, a professional service does not end when the camera is de-rigged from site. Post-production is where the magic really happens, as months, sometimes years of important developments culminate in an impressive visual sequence.

Investing in a complete service means that you have unique, high quality editing techniques implemented by experienced, skilled editors who can mould images together to create a visually engaging narrative – tailored to your own brand and aesthetic requirements.

All of this is part of the service package, available at no extra cost.

Experience – at the core of quality and reliability

Given that all of these elements are often integrated into one professional package, with everything you need all in one place as it were, to hire time-lapse photography services offers assurance and simplicity.

Complete end-to-end delivery can certainly give you peace of mind, especially when projects stand to have considerable amounts of time and money invested in successful development.


Of course, the key ingredient at each point in the process is experience. Years on the job delivers a consistent, reliable service based on knowledgeable foundations.

A team with specialisms in all relevant areas means that all the bases are covered; a service that simply cannot be matched by DIY, off-the-shelf applications.

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