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News Drone photography finally gets lift-off

24 September 2015 Daniel Curtis

The tide finally seems to be turning.

This is not a landmark decision per se, but unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have just been given the first green light towards regular commercial use in the USA.

The NFL has won a landmark ruling permitting the use of drones, as it is in the public interest, at stadiums across the country. The one catch: NFL Films can only fly them when they are empty. (That also means no chance – yet – of flying hotdog and popcorn vendors!)

So there is still some way to come, but it is at least some movement towards live events being filmed and streamed using such a modern technology. It also paves the way for other major leagues in the USA being able to use the same techniques.

Closer to home, there are still concerns over the public’s use of drones, but it is becoming an industry standard for the construction, entertainment, leisure and video/ film production sectors. Many of the UK’s best video production companies now offer drone solutions.

With manageable regulations in place here in the UK and trained professionals ready to provide a faultless service, the only question remaining is why – why use drone footage?

As mentioned above, despite being relatively new this form of image capture is becoming increasingly popular. Drones lend themselves well to stadiums and other sports-related occasions, because they often occur in tall structures or in front of thousands of people. The angle achieved by a UAV cannot be matched using traditional methods and brings perspective to the events.

Equally, they do not just create ‘pretty pictures’. Construction contractors use drones for everything from site surveys to marketing pieces for finished projects. They give a unique perspective of any project using both video and still images.

If you’re interested in how aerial photography could be used on your construction project, please contact our team and they would be more than happy to speak to you about the options.

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