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How Autumn is captured through time-lapse

News How autumn is captured through time-lapse

29 September 2020 Kate

Autumn is upon us, so now seems a good time to explore how the season is captured and celebrated through time-lapse. Video sequences can speedily reveal its gradual vibrancy and magnify subtle changes.  This seasonal change is celebrated throughout the world, and therefore it is interesting to focus on how autumn is captured in different landscapes and cities.

How Autumn is captured through time-lapse

Time-lapse photography is an ideal way to be transported and immersed in beautiful, changing scenery. Although autumn leads into winter, the flame-coloured leaves, bronze foliage and gushing rivers reveal energy and life bubbling away.

Autumn destination time-lapse

Destination videos are usually associated with balmy, summer days, but numerous videos also promote changing colours and crisp weather to entice visitors in low season. By showcasing these autumnal delights, the season can be extended in numerous places, appealing to hikers, cyclists and general sightseers.

Autumn landscapes

With rich colours, swirling mist and cloud scudding skies, time-lapse can produce uplifting and inspirational sequences, which embrace the spectacular changes brought about by the changing seasons.

Dramatic landscapes emphasised by altering hues can be captured beautifully through time-lapse photography. With colours moving from the lush greens of summer to vibrant orange and red hues, autumn adds an additional interest to a landscape as One Day Summer One Day Fall demonstrates.

Teaming stirring music with strong imagery can help create a completely immersive experience.  With skilled photographic footage capturing autumnal changes, little known places can become alluring and intriguing, such as Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. Slovakia also tempts us to consider it as an October destination through this short video by Bartosz K:

Whilst a video of the little known vineyards in the “Moravian Vineyards in Colorful Autumn, Czechia” captures picturesque slopes filled with rows of vines in a spectrum of colours.  

Autumnal landscape time-lapse videos also use the ever-changing weather, skies, and darkening nights to great effect. In ‘The Arctic Autumn’  the sky is as much a part of the video as the changing terrain. This short 5-minute film sequence transports the viewer, with white-topped mountains juxtaposing richly coloured foliage and a dancing dark sky reflecting in still waters. Filmed on Senja island, Northern Norway, as the foliage changes and nights darken, the first spellbinding aurora borealis can be seen alongside the milky way.

A more rudimentary yet effective use of time-lapse aimed at attracting visitors to a destination can be seen in the “2019 Fall to Winter Timelapse – last Frontier Heliski”. Just one remote camera was placed at 1300m elevation and captured a hillside over 39 days. The footage was edited into a 59-second video that charts the progress of autumn to winter, with a golden landscape developing into a snow-laden winter wonderland. By promoting the changing seasons and the growing snow levels the company, Last Frontier Heli entices skiers to use their services and visit British Columbia:

Autumn in the City

It is not just the countryside that changes notably – the city environment also becomes peppered with fallen leaves and crisp air. Amsterdam is somewhere to visit at any time of year, but through this autumnal time-lapse it shows that this season is a bewitching time to experience the city. With yellowing trees and darkened evenings, the city takes on a cosy, inviting glow:

New York is a favourite year-round city destination and by capturing the changing colours of Central Park autumn looks an inviting time to visit.

Small unknown towns can also become more alluring surrounded by ever-changing foliage and dancing mist as shown in “Rotorua Autumn” filmed in New Zealand. The sequence is made up of over 5,000 still images edited together to showcase the beauty of this provincial town:

Autumn up close

Even something so simple as watching leaves fall onto the tree-lined road can be appealing as this amateur time-lapse sequence reveals:

Whilst a close-up time-lapse of leaves changing colours can be intriguing not to mention educational. Whoever stopped to wonder how each leave individually progressed to change shade? Within this macro time-lapse video, approximately 6,000 photographs of leaves from 10 common Midwestern deciduous trees have been edited together to reveal how the colour change spreads:

Why use time-lapse?

Time-lapse manipulates the passage of time so that natural wonders that normally evolve slowly are sped up and emphasised to dramatic effect. Time-lapse captures autumn by piecing together all its different elements to effectively show the seasonal change in diverse locations in just a short video.

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