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News Modular Builds for Schools through Time-Lapse

14 August 2020 Kate

Modular building has gradually been entering the mainstream and is now definitely having its ‘moment’. It has become popular for use in education builds due to the ease, speed, and high quality that it now offers. New facilities can be constructed quickly whilst also offering bespoke first-rate solutions. 

To shine a light on these benefits, time-lapse construction videos can capture the whole modular build process. They show how swift and straightforward projects run from factory to delivery to onsite. WithUltra HD footage, these videos can capture the in-depth details and superior finishes now involved in modular construction.

Modular build for schools in the factory setting

What are the benefits of modular construction for the education sector?

Quality design

All sectors from housing to health are realising the increased high standard and finish of modular builds. The design has improved dramatically since the early days of prefab, and classroom pods are created to be conducive to learning. Facilities are now attractive and light-filled, as well as offering practical teaching spaces.

Bespoke design is available for schools, colleges, and higher education to suit the site, budget, and use. Classrooms can have internal fit-outs offsite for specific requirements such as science laboratories, IT hubs, or food technology facilities.  Volumetric modular means most of the finishes are done in the factory, greatly reducing the amount of time required on-site.  

At the Solihull Sixth Form College, Modulek created such a bespoke modular build to house new laboratories and IT classrooms. It took just four days to lift the modules onto site as captured in the time-lapse video they requested from Time-Lapse Systems.

Brand new schools can be constructed using offsite, or additional facilities can be built to increase an existing school’s capacity. The design can be contemporary and modern or can integrate with traditional existing buildings.

Modular offers a quick and easy build

The speed at which modular construction can occur has multiple assets for the education sector.

There is an urgent need for larger schools. As the number of pupils entering education continues to rise, schools must grow to accommodate them. Cities and commuter belts especially are faced with increased pressure for more school spaces. Using modular can relieve this classroom shortage with its quick turnaround. What used to take years with a traditional build can now be achieved in months.

School requirements and numbers can change swiftly and therefore a fast project completion is required, usually within a school year.

As schools, colleges and universities are all ‘live’ sites, it is imperative that onsite disruption and health and safety issues are kept to a minimum. Construction-related noise also needs to be reduced so that lessons can be taught effectively. As most of an offsite build is achieved in the factory, onsite modular construction can happen within days and, with careful planning, during holiday times.

To speed up build times further, onsite groundwork can happen in tandem with the factory manufacturing, ensuring that the whole process is concluded in the optimum time frame.

To make the build process smoother and quicker for schools, many modular companies now provide a full turnkey service from the initial consultation and design through to completion. This means there are no unexpected delays or hidden costs.  These companies can undertake the whole project from groundwork, factory manufacture including internal fit-outs, delivery, and onsite completion.

Modular classrooms are cost effective

Even with the promise of more money for education in Boris Johnson’s New Deal, as with all public sector spending there needs to be a cost-effective yet high-quality solution. Through offsite manufacturing, the build process is taken into factories which is far more efficient and economical. Using a skilled specialist team in a controlled environment, all the components can be built systematically and to a high standard, ensuring waste and extra costs are kept to a minimum.   

Flexible classroom solutions

Each modular build can be configured to fit a specific site. Pods can be stacked to make the best use of limited space. These long-lasting units can also be deconstructed, moved, and reconfigured so space can continue to be used if needs change. Such flexibility means a school or college expansion can alter without extensive extra costs.  

Modular offers a greener option

Modular can now be designed to be sustainable or even carbon neutral and use environmentally friendly materials.

Due to a coordinated factory build, there is a reduced amount of waste. Once the buildings are in use, they are also more energy-efficient as they are sealed, double glazed and well insulated.

Reduced onsite work also means fewer vehicles and therefore CO2 emissions decrease.

Such green credentials not only help reach net zero-carbon emissions but also sends an important message to pupils that education takes environmental issues seriously.  

Why use time-lapse videos?

Time-lapse videos play an important role in showcasing modular construction in education builds. Visually documenting the whole process with high-quality video has numerous benefits. Schools, higher education, and universities can all be reassured about the ease, speed, and quality of the process from factory to road to site. Increasing trust in this type of build is essential to ensuring that modular construction continues to expand in the education sector.

As the UK’s leading time-lapse video company, we have the expertise and know-how to produce modular build time-lapse videos to high specification requirements. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your next project.

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