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Steel erection on the FCC Environment job in Lincoln

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11 May 2015 Daniel Curtis

This series of blogs takes a closer look at the work Time-Lapse Systems undertakes across a variety of different industries.

The last financial year saw the number of new construction firms rise for the first time since the financial crisis hit, with 5,500 registering in the 12-month period.

And in 2014 output was an astonishing £133bn. All exceptionally encouraging growth over the past year and a half.

One of our primary specialism is long-term site monitoring and time-lapse for the construction sector, working with a number of high profile firms – such as Balfour Beatty, Kier and the Berkeley Group.

Far from webcams, the DSLR camera systems we install on every project are custom built to suit the exact needs of the build, environment and management team.

Images are then uploaded securely, which we provide access to through a private image viewing system. Many of our clients, particularly those who are undertaking construction projects, end up integrating iRis as part of their workflow. This is because it provides a 24/7, 365 days a year view of the site from anywhere in the world.

The images are also in pristine, Ultra HD quality. They can be panned, zoomed and scrutinised directly from the web browser, or e-mailed to colleagues and stakeholders. Webcam-based systems that other companies use cannot come close to the quality and potential of the images we capture.

The potential of these images is the second key element of the services we provide, turning them into seamless, fully post-produced time-lapse videos.

For a full selection of completed edits, please visit the “our work” page.

MEPC asked us to capture their new 35,000 sq. ft 10 Wellington Place office build. They utilised both of our expertise, sharing their custom viewer with the general public and also asking us to produce a full time-lapse edit for them. You can view the finished edit below:


Time-lapse camera systems are also perfect for joint projects, such as the new Lincolnshire Energy from Waste Facility. We installed on behalf of FCC Environment and Lincolnshire County Council, who wanted site monitoring and a fully post-produced time-lapse edit. We captured some stunning images, which came together perfectly in the finished video. Lincolnshire County Council included it in their communications about the construction.

FCC-Environment-Lincolnshire-Energy-from-Waste-Facility-1FCC-Environment-Lincolnshire-Energy-from-Waste-Facility-2FCC-Environment-Lincolnshire-Energy-from-Waste-Facility-3FCC-Environment-Lincolnshire-Energy-from-Waste-Facility-6 (1)FCC-Environment-Lincolnshire-Energy-from-Waste-Facility-7

Plus there is the added value that is created by a time-lapse video, which is the perfect marketing tool for a lot of companies that work directly with the public.

South Essex College, for example, benefited from one of our camera systems for over two years. We captured 63,000 images of their new campus build in that time, which we then turned into a concise 60-second video. The college now displays it on the front page of the Thurrock Campus website.

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