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News Being prepared for both internal and external projects

24 May 2017 Kate

Due to its versatility, time-lapse can be applied in many different circumstances to capture all manner of projects situated both indoors and outdoors.

Despite the differing specifics and various conditions of each project, professional companies are able to maintain a level of quality that is unmatched by any ‘off-the-shelf’ or DIY camera systems.

Photography that captures at regular intervals provides a valuable and functional way to produce time-lapse of anything from landscapes and new build constructions, to office fit-outs and large-scale events.

Time-lapse essentials

For every project, there are several staple pieces of time-lapse equipment that are required. A camera system with robust housing along with fixings to keep it securely in place for whatever duration is, of course, essential.

An intervalometer controls the rate of capture, programming the camera to shoot at set intervals within the required timeframes of a project.

Additionally, a reliable network connection is needed so that the camera can be managed remotely. Constant presence while the camera system is in-situ is not plausible, especially on sites that are situated outdoors.

As well as the practical benefits, remote time-lapse capture ensures the transfer and back-up of all images to an online viewer, available to all public/ private parties involved in the project.

Side-by-side time-lapse images from housing and retail projects

Professional quality, professional service

As we have covered previously, a full and comprehensive service should guarantee complete end-to-end delivery by a professional team who can provide a reliable service based on knowledgeable foundations.

Careful application by professional engineers is a must in any environment. For most external jobs especially, the desired fixing point for the camera system is at an elevated height looking down on site. Depending on the scale of the job, for some internal work the optimum position may also be from above.

In all circumstances, then, adherence to health and safety regulations is paramount. Some projects, however, pose more risks than others, meaning that certain training and accreditations are more applicable in some environments than others.

For busy construction sites, for example, specialist harnesses will need to be worn when working at height. Other equipment such as cherry pickers and cranes may be required to access the fixing point for the camera system, which must be operated by fully trained individuals.

Other external projects may also require more innovative use of the surrounding environment when access is limited.

For smaller jobs, such as a retail store fit-out for example, specialist equipment to access the required fixing position may not be necessary. This is not to say that internal work does not come with its own challenges, however.

In some cases, working alongside other personnel is necessary. While a time-lapse camera system can be manned remotely when in-situ, it is sometimes appropriate to provide a closer perspective of works on the ground via walkthroughs and handheld work.

When capturing an environment functioning at its everyday working capacity, whether in a warehouse or as part of a retail unit, it is essential to utilise the space that is available without hindering the work of others, to create the most useful and engaging finished edit possible.

Client and provider interface

Communication between the various parties involved is vital when one is working in close proximity to the other, as the potential for accidents may be reduced if everyone is kept abreast of the specifics.

For projects that involve working on private premises, or in an environment with restricted access to certain spaces, a strong interface between the client and the time-lapse provider is essential.

When working on sites of considerable cultural heritage and historical significance, handling the camera system in these environments requires precision and extreme care so as not to damage the surroundings. Special privileges must be granted in these instances so that work can be carried out safely and successfully when required.

Secure online networks benefit internal and external workings as collective access to an online viewer helps to facilitate this dialogue. Information about the project and its timeline makes it easier for the time-lapse provider to micro-manage the camera system according to what is required and to the client’s specifications.

Internal environments can be just as challenging a place for micro-management, particularly when part of an event set-up where artificial lighting conditions are likely to change throughout the duration.

Three installation image thumbnails

Weather worries

Of course, the management of outdoor events is at the mercy of ever-changing weather conditions so when operating a time-lapse camera system externally, it is necessary to be prepared for anything.

A robust camera housing – its exterior casing – that protects against all elements is vital so that the camera remains functioning consistently throughout periods of intense weather.

In winter months temperatures will plummet, sometimes below freezing, custom-built climate control settings ensure that the camera system is equipped to tackle these freezing conditions. Again, monitoring remotely is a blessing in these circumstances, as important changes can be made without having to return to site.

Camera systems will also need to be affixed to sturdy mounts in order to withstand high wind speeds to keep it in place.


As this blog has covered, internal and external projects require different specifications but the same quality of delivery and service.

At the core of quality, experience ensures consistency regardless of environment.

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