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A drone and selected camera equipment.

News Drones – at the centre of 21st century innovation

23 August 2017 Kate

Drone technology really is at the centre of innovation in the 21st century.

The progress that has been made in this particular area of technological development is quite staggering, especially when you think about the impact of drone applications across different sectors, including constructiontransport and commerce.

We are committed to detailing new and exciting advances for these aerial machines as they continue to show promise for the future of photography especially.

Drones have revolutionised the way in which we capture aerial photographs. While helicopters were once the principal method for this, they were often used at considerable expense. (And in some cases, still are.)

The ‘unmanned’ element of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) means that there is less risk involved. Plus, a more streamlined flight is guaranteed with a drone as they take up considerably less space and are more versatile in terms of the manoeuvrability of the hardware.

Vast cityscapes can be captured from extreme aerial perspectives using drone flight, with the potential of creating stunning 360° images and video fast becoming a desired standard in many industries.

360° drone shot looking over Battersea Power Station and the River Thames

Above: 360° drone shot looking over Battersea Power Station and the River Thames.

On a smaller but equally as impressive level, drones are also revolutionising personal photography.

Nixie is one such model to be leading such innovations. This refers to a small camera-equipped drone that can be worn as a wrist band but its main function is to fold out into a quadcopter (a helicopter-like device with four rotors).

Still under development, Nixie were awarded $500,000 of funding as the winners of Intel’s Make It Wearable competition in 2014. The motivation behind their concept is to enable the best moments to be captured on camera without the need of a photographer.

Their goal – ‘to give you a new way to capture the moment’ – is certainly nothing new in itself, but the idea of a small autonomous device that will snap you having fun and being ‘in the moment’ is breaking the boundaries of what is expected of technology.

Other recent innovations include fold-up drones that are tailoured for capturing selfies.

Following its owner, models such as the ‘Roam-E’, uses facial recognition software to keep on course and stays airborne with only two rotors.

Drones are shaping up to be almost like companions in terms of how their functionalities are developing with time.

Of course, this potential is curtailed somewhat by concerns for safety and the appropriation of drones for illicit activities. But perhaps such turbulence (pun intended) and worries are to be expected in light of the rapid growth in this technology.

Whichever side of the fence you sit, there is no denying that we have a front row seat to witness something that has never been seen before.

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