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4 June 2021 Kate

As home cooking has been making a comeback over the last year, people are turning to the internet for innovative ways of making the daily chore easier and more interesting. Recipe time-lapsing – where chefs, cooks, or home bakers guide viewers through a recipe at a fast pace is proving to be a popular method.

With the rise of food subscription boxes, time-lapse is the ideal way for companies to show subscribers and prospective users just how easy the recipes are to put together as showcased on HelloFresh facebook page.

The YouTube king of the recipe time-lapse genre is “Food Discoveries With Chef Salim”, filmed as he rustles up a wide variety of dishes. He provides detailed recipes and written instructions, however as he cooks on such a large scale (for 100 plus people) it’s more a spectacle of his speedy chef talents than a tutorial.

For beautifully shot, simple step-by-step food prep methods, the photographer Joe Sarah’s work is worth a look, especially the preparation of fish and stock making. His food photography skills were used for filming recipes on Jamie Oliver’s Quick and Easy series as shown in an appealing time-lapse compilation.
For short food videos demonstrating how recipe elements are put together and plated meticulously then Michelin star chef Matt Worswick provides inspiration and direction with his 10-second time-lapses including Chef Focus Celeriac Time-lapse.

Often recipe videos include time-lapse just as an element, to speed up slow processes such as whisking or chopping food. This can be seen in Homemade Lemon Pie Recipe – How to make Lemon Tart – French Lemon Tart – Delicious by Delicious.

The importance of fast-paced sequences within recipe tutorials is highlighted by YouTube channel Delicious using a mouthwatering time-lapse compilation to promote itself with “Delicious Oven Time Lapse Best Of”.

The beautifully shot Grilled Chilean Salmon Yakitori Chilean Salmon, also includes an element of time-lapse in its promotional recipe video. Whilst a high-speed sequence features in Natural Earth Kitchen’s chicken salad recipe tutorial.

Time-lapse is not only used in step-by-step cooking guides but is also used to independently test such recipes. Through time-lapse, Food Reviews UK documents testing recipes so viewers can quickly see the end result – such as time-lapsing the cooking process of Yorkshire pudding using a BBC Good Food recipe.

The popularity of videoing recipes and cooking methods cuts across many levels of talent – from expert chefs to amateurs. Due to such an appetite, in-depth video tutorials have been created on to how to effectively time-lapse the progress of recipes.

Food styling is also a huge part of capturing attractive food videos, so there are niche videos to guide filmmakers through the pitfalls of artfully presenting dishes.

Food, recipe, and cooking videos continue to be popular for entertainment, inspiration, tips, and for step-by-step guiding. Progress will remain unabated as home cooking has had to step into the spotlight and looks set to remain.

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