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News Site monitoring: an additional benefit of time-lapse

5 June 2017 Kate

The high quality images behind a professionally produced time-lapse video can also be used for an alternative purpose.

Site monitoring has several important applications for many business sectors – and can be provided alongside a more traditional time-lapse offering.

This ‘other side’ to the photography can be equally beneficial to your project, as it enables full coverage of the site in question and can be employed just as effectively for marketing purposes.

Benefits of time-lapse

This form of photography captures the smallest of changes over time, and, when assembled into an edit, the action appears more pronounced, progressing at a faster pace.

Making visible smaller details that are not apparent in real time, time-lapse videos are perfect for video marketing campaigns tailored to your specified requirements.

A camera system that is professionally installed and set up to capture images at regular intervals ensures that no detail is missed.

A visual record of progress from start to finish works well in post-produced form – the entirety of a particular project can be viewed and shared long after its completion.

But what are the benefits of this technique to be had when the camera system is in-situ?

An ideal investment

Whether conducting business on a company or individual level, keeping up-to-date with work in progress is extremely helpful to all parties involved.

Particularly when working in construction, the duration of certain projects often span several months, even years, consisting of different phases which involve various attendant requirements.

From a contractor’s perspective, for example, key members of staff may need to be somewhere else when ideally they would be on site.

A crane in view with construction underway at Wellington Place for MEPC.

Above: view from a camera system monitoring construction progress of a major office development in Leeds.

The ability to monitor progress and development externally is the key to solving these hurdles.

Access to an online archive of images retrieved via secure networks from the camera system(s) on site, easily enable you to keep on top of progress from wherever you are. Proximity to site is not necessary – simply access via personal log-in credentials to a specified user interface.

The ability to capture images remotely comes with its own benefits, one of which is the ability to adjust settings on the camera system itself.

Changes to natural light sources, temperamental weather conditions, and various stages of development on site may require such amendments, which, if carried out, can enhance both the live view of site and ultimately the time-lapse video.

From in-the-loop to on-the-go

Professional time-lapse providers now offer a viewing platform along with the final time-lapse video itself.

Some of these vary from being very basic, to others that have far more functionality and usability.

To gel with the fast, on-the-go pace of modern life in any industry, the best online portals are accessible from multiple devices, so that work is not inhibited in any way when away from your desktop browser.

Able to access this technology via smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, this cross functionality enables constant involvement, if only remotely.

The ability to micro-manage a project via a handheld device is enabled just as easily – with zoom and pan functions, as well as a full time-stamped archive of images available on-the-go.

Images are responsive within other online applications such as email and social media, meaning that everything you need is available all in one place.

Mobile phone, tablet and laptop showing iRis 3.0 viewers

An interactive intermediary

Site monitoring allows contractors to stay on top of deliveries as they arrive on site; share and discuss project progress with stakeholders as it happens; and engage with staff and the wider public regarding notable developments.

Often with professional time-lapse services, the online viewer can be embedded on to external websites and other internet platforms – ideal for clients who wish to showcase and share ongoing progress.

In this way, the interactive online viewing platform acts as an intermediary technology between client and other invested parties, allowing all involved to stay in-the-loop.

For particularly sensitive projects, this may not be necessary. Or, if sharing progress with the public is needed, it may be appropriate to add a time delay, allowing images to be viewable but only after a specified amount of time has passed.

Time-lapse and site monitoring solutions: the complete package

A full and comprehensive time-lapse service is not the only option available for this kind of monitoring.

But while off-the-shelf, DIY equipment can be purchased at relatively low cost, a construction webcam system, for example, is simply no match for the reliability and quality that can be produced using a professional, bespoke DSLR camera system.

As well as this all-in-one functionality, professional time-lapse providers also come with a service guarantee, meaning a full end-to-end package.

Furthermore, these benefits are similarly observed in other areas – with site monitoring solutions ideal for projects such as internal fit-outs, and event management.


If time-lapse and site monitoring could benefit your business, or if you simply want to discuss your options, visit our website or contact us directly.

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