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30 July 2014 Kate

We have been working with specialists in the UK, USA and Australia to develop full off-grid capability for our camera systems in the UK.

Where the supply of on-grid power has not been possible, we have been able to offer combinations of solar and battery systems for some time. But our systems are not simple web-cam systems. They work to produce the very best image quality and contain an array of other sophisticated components which allow us to control capture maintain network, control the climate in our housings, and so on. In the UK, keeping such systems performing to full capacity is a challenge. Lack of daylight hours in winter months coupled with less than favourable weather results in limited operational time and restricted performance.


Keeping even the highest quality camera systems such as our own operating on a restricted function was never the problem. However, we always wanted to offer our clients the very best that our systems are capable of, including rapid capture, rapid transfer and 24/7 performance and to the highest quality, and the off-grid solutions we have now developed offer just this!

Combining the latest in solar technology, with the latest in responsive wind turbine technology and the very best battery systems – plus one or two tricks of our own – essentially means that we are able to offer a fully performing, full quality system to our clients: A system that does not operate on reduced capacity but one which captures with the longevity, frequency and quality of one of our on-grid systems.

Our off-grid technology makes our camera systems the most versatile and flexible DSLR based time-lapse and site monitoring systems out there, and offers a true, no-compromise solution for all locations where on-grid power just isn’t possible.

Watch out for more news about our latest innovations.

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