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Our time-lapse footage of the Mary Rose on the BBC News at Ten

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28 November 2016 Daniel Curtis

With professional time-lapse and video solutions becoming increasingly popular across a variety of genres and utilised by a range of different companies, the nature of our work changes with every project.

Combining years of experience with a wide range of qualifications and top credentials, we can provide a consistent high quality of service regardless of the specifications for the job – however many challenges these present.

Because of our experience across different genres, we continue to receive commissions to provide time-lapse and video capture of numerous rather unique, sometimes extraordinary projects. Following on from a blog we published last year, we now look at some more of these.

Capturing “An Incredible Year in the Life”


Our year-long capture at the Royal Albert Hall is one such project that perfectly showcases our ability to document and manage events in unique environments. A venue that is internationally renowned and one of London’s major cultural hotspots, we were incredibly honoured to have been chosen to undertake such a special project.

One of our most popular time-lapse videos, this stunning sequence offers a ‘behind-the-scenes’ perspective of the venue’s incredibly busy calendar. We controlled the camera system’s settings remotely to cause minimal disruption and to maintain a consistent frame across thousands of high quality images from the 390 events that took place.

Shooting ‘Sweet Nothing’ with Charming Baker


Adding to our work capturing the arts in London is this short-term project at Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery in the heart of the capital’s Mayfair district, for contemporary artist Charming Baker.

In order to document the build-up to his solo exhibition that took place earlier this year we discreetly mounted a time-lapse camera system in the gallery ahead of the installation. In addition, we captured Baker’s work in his own studio for three-months prior to the event.

With subjects ranging from ‘the everyday to the deeply personal’ and his work endorsed by other famous artists like Damien Hurst and Sir Paul Smith, this was a truly remarkable event to have been involved in.

Time-lapse monitoring history-in-the-making

Creating a time-lapse video from inside the Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard was the site for another of our one-off projects, where our camera system was carefully installed on-board the iconic 500-year-old warship, the Mary Rose.

As a collaborative effort with museum media specialists, Motivation 81, we provided remote time-lapse and site monitoring during sensitive improvement works on this priceless warship before her final reveal to the public earlier this year.

Having secured special access to the ship to carefully install our camera system, we carefully micro-managed capture remotely for the best part of a year. We used a combination of long-term uninterrupted footage with rapid interval bursts to track various periods of increased activity.

Some of our footage was even featured on a BBC News national television broadcast, reinforcing the importance of this prestigious historical event.

Up in 60 seconds with the BFI


One of the most recent of our special commissions, in association with the British Film Institute, helped to mark the 60th anniversary of the world-renowned London Film Festival. Using two camera systems to capture both external and internal footage, we documented the construction of a temporary cinema at London’s Victoria Embankment.

Working to tight timescales and calling on our expertise to mount each of our systems in optimum position, this project will certainly remain amongst our most memorable. Our completed time-lapse video has created quite a buzz among the public and has been featured on the BFI Facebook and Twitter pages.

Although the venue itself was only temporary, we are proud to have been involved in preserving the memory of an event that will not be easily forgotten.


Of course, this is only a small selection of the many projects that we have undertaken in recent years. Other unforgettable work includes multiple Lego projects and our 360° video capture of Alton Tower’s Congo River Rapids, the first of its kind to be produced at the resort.

It is all of these and more that continue to make our work so varied and enjoyable.

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