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Completion of fit-out renovation construction works at St Thomas's Church, Salisbury

News St Thomas’s Church refurbishment revealed in time-lapse video

26 May 2020 Kate

Our time-lapse video from St Thomas’s Church, Salisbury, helps to document the most extensive refurbishment undertaken at the building since Victorian times.

In just five weeks in early 2020, the central nave of the church was fully renovated to create an attractive, multi-purpose space for religious and community events, helped by the church’s Quest 2020 fundraising campaign.


We meticulously planned and built two completely bespoke fixing solutions for this, designing them with sensitivity to the historic structure of the church. Our skilled engineers set up the two-camera systems to ensure optimum capture from different angles. The camera systems were carefully fixed onto the pulpit and font, without compromising the historic components of the church.

We captured the full refurbishment where Victorian pews were removed, new electrics installed, pillars cleaned, and wooden floors sanded & restored. In the final phase, we carefully documented the arrival of the striking new contemporary altar and modern benches.

As with all projects we undertake, we provided a live viewing platform to show images whole refurbishment in real time. St Thomas’s Church took up the option of embedding this onto their website, enabling them to instantly share new developments with their congregation on-line.

When the transformation was complete, we edited the five weeks capture into a final, fully post-produced video that documented the full refurbishment process.

Time-Lapse Systems are proud to have been involved even just a small part of the renovation story, which we hope the congregation of St Thomas’s will benefit from both now and long into the future.

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