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An image of fireworks at a New Year's Eve celebration.

News The Time-Lapse of New Year’s Eve Celebrations

2 January 2024 Holly Eckersley

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome in the new year, people all over the world have celebrated in style at the march to midnight. Many people enjoyed exciting firework displays gathering with loved ones to toast the coming of a new year, a symbol of hope and renewal. New Year’s resolutions offer a chance for people to focus on their goals and personal aspirations, showing how the new year often acts as an emblem for a fresh start and clean slate. As we look forward into a new year of growth and opportunity we turn our attention to the many ways that the new year has been celebrated all over the world and how the media of time-lapse has been used to document celebrations.

A woman in glamorous sequinned attire ta New Year's Eve celebration. The woman holds a glass of whiskey and her dazzling jewellery is in shot.

In this YouTube video by EarthCam the preparations for New Year’s Eve celebrations are captured in Times Square, New York. A vast stage is shown being erected in this work-famous location, a setting for later performances by Flo Rida and Megan Three Stallion. This major commercial intersection and tourist destination has been welcoming New Year’s Eve crowds since 1907. Performances here are often televised and this bow-tie shaped plaza welcomes over a million visitors on this special night of the year.

In London the New Year was welcomed in spectacular style with an exciting and vibrant display of fireworks on the banks of the River Thames. A riot of colour was bought to this famous skyline along with the chimes of Big Ben marking it one of the most special nights of the year. The fireworks were televised allowing viewers all over the world the opportunity to enjoy this thrilling display. This time-lapse video shows the London 2019 celebrations and the firework show around the iconic London Eye. This video also allows the viewer to see the broader London skyline making clear the scale of the production.

In this beautifully shot time-lapse video, Darling Harbour celebrations are shown in Sydney, Australia. This YouTube video shows the stunning architecture in the sunshine and the hustle and bustle of city life on New Year’s Eve daytime. The golden light of the skyscrapers and high-rise buildings make the incredible New Year’s Eve firework displays all the more awe-inspiring. We truly love how this time-lapse video gives context to the evening celebrations by showing the changing light and gathering crowds.

At Time-Lapse Systems we have loved watching the many ways that New Year’s Eve has been celebrated all over the world and we hope that all of our lovely clients have a happy and prosperous 2024. We are often asked to capture special events with our industry leading time-lapse systems and work all over the world offering quality solutions.

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